New Leftist Move Exposed! They Just Introduce New Medicare Plan

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New Leftist Move Exposed! They Just Introduce New Medicare Plan

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25 thoughts on “New Leftist Move Exposed! They Just Introduce New Medicare Plan

    • Top Stories Today. If the Left came up with this plan, you can bet it puts kickbacks into their pockets. There are Medicare plans now…this smells like a greedy Leftist ploy.

  1. Just because they introduced it, doesn’t mean they will win the votes, and that Trump will sign it. Obamacare was bull and all members were expected from it. Let them live on it, oh most are over 65 anyway living off the American people and not doing their jobs. MAGA piss on Dems

  2. 00 Democrats Democrats without the Lord what can I say about them they are Unholy and unrighteous I will not mention no names or that is not my job but I do see where they’re coming from they’re coming from Satan for they had no morals and no rights whatsoever to dictate to Americans I wish you take their burdens upon us to taxpayers now forgive me for I do not pay taxes no more why I’m on Social Security but I did pay him in the past but anyway as far as I am concerned they are not American Patriots they are at bargain treeces treaters and that’s just my opinion about the Democrats maybe they are some righteous ones I do not know if they are why they didn’t press wow did not standing up and praising the Lord that I don’t even understand for God knows everything okay that’s why I like I president at least he sees what’s good for America half moon will we fall before we lose everything should we turn our back on what’s holy and righteous like the pass and it took out prior at a school and it took ten commandments out of everything and now to take a knee to our flag how much longer do you think the Lord Almighty God our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is going to put up with us he’s giving us one more chance so please wake up see it grab it go for it and accept it or call his grace it does not want none to perish okay that’s just my opinion about America and I politicians some more righteous but a lot of more corrupt and they love evil and they love money that’s all it’s about money and power but we do have a few righteous ones up there that loves the Lord okay like I said that God bless

  3. They need to just stop. Obama care was a disaster and this bill will be to. Trump has to sign it and don’t think he will. It’s Bullshit, plain and simple.

  4. If it’s a Dam-plan it only costs trillions more taxpayers money and will not help the blue color workers at all.

  5. LEAVE MEDICARE ALONE !!!!!!!!!!
    If it’s turned into universal healthcare, benefits will be cut and it will no longer be affordable to seniors on fixed incomes.
    We don’t need any more “pass it before we can find out what’s in it” blunders written by insurance companies for maximum dollars in THEIR pocket.

  6. Making it unaffordable for the seniors. But that is part of the plan..get rid of the seniors as they are the ones who think and vote and impede their plans…..

  7. I notice the proponents heading this Obamacare scam are not on it because they themselves know how bad it is and they have the opportunity to choose. We don’t under Obamacare. Plus, we are fined and/or imprisoned if we can,t pay the Government’s demands.

  8. Being a POW does not make you a hero. But John McCain sure got back at President Trump, and millions of American citizens with his egotistical grandstanding thumbs down on the Healthcare Bill, didn’t he?

  9. That’s been the demoncrats plan all along that’s why they wanted killery the murderer in, population control

  10. Medicare is already so bad now that many doctors won’t take it. My doctor only takes mine because I was his patient for the last 40 years. He doesn’t take any new medicare patients. It doesn’t pay the doctors enough for their services.

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