New Era Life Awards Banquet, Cancun, Mexico

Christopher Westfall receives a top producer award on the New Era Life trip in March, 2015


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New Era Life Awards Banquet, Cancun, Mexico

2 thoughts on “New Era Life Awards Banquet, Cancun, Mexico

  1. Hey Chris! My two coworkers are going to Costa Rica for Aetna in May. They hope to see you there. I’ve left a few messages on your FB hoping you’d respond. We’re big fans here at the office.

    • +RobertFrank615 Hey RobertFrank615… haven’t received any messages that I can see on FB.. that is weird. Anyway, I did not write enough Aetna in 2014 because they just came up with an e-app last quarter and everything I do is over the phone.. will miss that one! Thanks for reaching out.

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