Nancy Pelosi: I’m Agnostic on Medicare For All

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Nancy Pelosi said she’s “agnostic” went it comes to giving everyone healthcare with Medicare for All. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian and Aida Rodriguez discuss on TYT. MORE TYT:

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi questioned whether a health-care proposal embraced by several Democratic presidential candidates would be too expensive and fail to provide the same coverage as the Affordable Care Act.

Instead, Pelosi (D-Calif.) suggested Thursday that she would rather build on the 2010 law and is yet to be convinced the Medicare-for-all proposal pushed by many liberals would achieve its purported goals.

“I’m agnostic. Show me how you think you can get there,” Pelosi said in an interview with The Washington Post. “We all share the value of health care for all Americans — quality, affordable health care for all Americans. What is the path to that? I think it’s the Affordable Care Act, and if that leads to Medicare-for-all, that may be the path.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez


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Nancy Pelosi: I'm Agnostic on Medicare For All


32 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi: I’m Agnostic on Medicare For All

  1. Nancy Pelosi is agnostic on representing the people who voted for her instead of the richest families and corporations she’s willing to be funded by.

  2. It would’ve been nice if San Francisco could’ve voted for a real Progressive, not a walking talking big donor recipient.

    • She has decades of name recognition built up from the time before independent media became so prominent and started revealing to the masses the magnitude of corruption in Washington.

  3. Joe Biden famously called the passage of the ACA a “big f*ing deal” and he was right. It was a major accomplishment and Pelosi and everyone else that worked to make it happen should feel proud that they were able to help a lot of people.

    But the ACA is like a bandaid on a festering wound. Having healthcare revolve around a profit motive is always going to mean that we get inferior services that cost us more money. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is a guarantee, and being able to see a doctor without worrying if it’s going to bankrupt you covers all three. Americans deserve better.

  4. Pelosi can stop playing stupid any time now. We all have her number and know her game. Corporate minion she is.

  5. I am an atheist about big Pharma, the insurance companies, the corporatized hospitals, certain medical specialities, et al. Nancy Pelosi is the cult-like fanatic for the capitalist conspiracy.

  6. Yes agreed! Ana & Aida are spot on!
    And they don’t realize that when people, American citizens, (voters) are dying due to a lack of healthcare when they really are very sick and in the process of dying, then who’s going to be around to vote for them? I guess they will just completely rely on the corp. donors who they have been catering to all along.

    We need MEDICARE 4 ALL!
    Progressives are the only hope for the American people!

  7. What’s the path? I mean, maybe we could stop giving the military-industrial-complex money they didn’t need or ask for, as a start? Or maybe just end our oil wars altogether? Maybe instead of making each American pay around $10k in taxes to bail out Wall Street we should have prosecuted the bankers and used the $billions in bonuses they got later to start fixing the economy? Maybe we shouldn’t have cut taxes for the wealthy yet again?

    • Invader Tak That was Obama and Biden who never put 1 Wall Street banker in jail for 1 day for all their criminal activity yet incarcerate young black males in record numbers in for pay prisons for minor crimes. Then these same Wall Street criminals hire politicians to give “speeches “ at $500,000 , that is five hundred thousand dollars per speech. That is justice in America ! These same corrupt corporate democratic and republican politicians collect MILLION dollar corporate “donations” and then represent the corporate donors instead of the voters. This is why we do not have Medicare for all in America when almost all democrats and the majority of republicans support it. CORUPT POLITICIANS !

  8. Nancy Pelosi should hop over to GOP it’s where she belongs, she should never have been elected as speaker of the house. She – like GOP – is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  9. I live in Canada, I can go see my doctor anytime I want. No one here foregoes medical treatment because they can’t afford it. People pay a monthly premium based on income with lower income earners getting a complete subsidy.

    • Allan Crow
      I am not saying US healthcare does not need reforms and we don’t need a decent healthcare bill.
      I just feel it would be best not to eliminate insurers for high quality insurance policies.
      I think there are many things that can be done to improve our system and I realize government
      Is the only path we have to get there.
      So I fully understand no matter where we find ourselves along the spectrum there will always
      Be underlying Issues.
      But I feel a happy medium could keep some freedom for consumers while still giving the underclass
      But it’s necessary to have an open mind and not be so resistant to compromises.

    • Allan Crow glad you agree.
      I also think being so radical is going to be really tough to get passed as people are more open
      to less severe changes.
      Have a great weekend.

  10. Translation: But those insurance companies give me so many pretty pieces of green paper, and the only thing that really matters is pretty pieces of green paper

  11. Pelosi ought to become a meme describing the methodology of social enslavement to the ruling class.
    I bet there are some artists: literary, visual and audio out there who can make that meme.

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