Medigap and Pre-Existing Conditions

Concerned about Medicare Supplements and their pre-existing condition limitations? This video explains that if you have had your current Medicare Supplement for at least six months, there are NO pre-existing condition limitations when you move to another Medicare Supplement plan.

This means no interruption of coverage and nothing is excluded. You can keep the same benefits, just pay a lower price when your agent has found the best price on a Medicare Supplement plan.

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Medigap and Pre-Existing Conditions

6 thoughts on “Medigap and Pre-Existing Conditions

  1. at 00:38 you say “we only recommend the one thats the best in the marketplace, as far as price goes.” Is that a hard fact. BCBS in Texas has always been a solid company. Would that be worth 5 $ per month.

    • The way insurance works is that the population is greater protected with stability by the “law of large numbers”. I would NEVER recommend a single-state-only insurance carrier for any type of health insurance. Why? The pool is MUCH smaller than a national or international company. My greatest concern would be stability moving forward with a company such as the one you mentioned, which is solely in ONE state in the country. If they have a few claimants that have massive claims then it is possible that the ENTIRE population of that one plan in that one state could have significant impact from that massive claim.

      Whereas, if a person is on a national brand that is less expensive OR even the same price, logic concludes and history proves that the stability is far more certain because there are millions more covered lives.

      Thanks for writing.

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