Medicare’s Cost Explosion for 2016

Note – real discussion starts at 13:40 mark. Before that we were adjusting settings then having some background conversation.

You're welcome to listen to us banter but the main topic of Medicare's cost increase starts at 13:40.

Find out if you or someone you care about will see their Medicare premiums jump in 2016!

QOL (Quality of Life) blogger and financial pro Chris Grande interviews Medicare expert Lindsay Quillen LCSW on the hold harmless provision in Medicare laws that will make an unfortunate few pay much more for their Medicare.

And it doesn't stop there. Income limits in place already will further drive up premiums for certain Medicare recipients.

Get the full scoop in this live Google Hangout.

Information shared in this video is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not meant as advice for your specific situation. Please consult a qualified Medicare specialist or contact Medicare at for information on your options.

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