Medicare & You: Women’s health

Learn about the different screenings Medicare covers to keep women healthy

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Medicare & You: Women's health

3 thoughts on “Medicare & You: Women’s health

  1. I just found out from my gynecologist, that Medicare will no longer cover a
    PAP test for woman every year, only once every two years. The office visit
    and PAP test will cost over $300. Women we need to come together and
    petition Medicare to continue this annual visit and cover it. I know so
    many people that are alive because their cervical cancer was found early.
    Once every two years is not enough for this exam and test. Cancer can grow
    very quickly and the cost of treatment far exceeds the cost of a regular
    exam and early treatment.

  2. My gynecologist told me that if there is a strong history of it in your
    family, Medicare may elect to pay for one yearly.

  3. I am trying to find out if a woman has a family history of breast cancer,
    would Medicare pay for bracha gene testing.

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