Medicare & You: Preventing Medicare Fraud

Important information about preventing Medicare fraud.

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4 thoughts on “Medicare & You: Preventing Medicare Fraud

  1. What  needs  to be thoroughly  investigated  is  MS  drugs  and  whats  really going on. along with billions  being made via  the pharmas  and also  all the  MS  societys  who have promoted  deadly  MS  drugs

  2. The biggest obstacle in spotting and stopping fraud is coming from Medicare itself. I can see on my hospital records and an itemized statement I ALWAYS request after any hospital stay, but I cannot find a way to reconcile these documents against the claims I find on account. The details are NOT provided. The EOBs, IF you can find them within a year of the date of service, is impossible to decipher. The MSN does not match the eMSN, according to their own site, but so far I’ve not found a way to get any of these documents that are not condensed, coded, or just plain not available (yet?)..  Medicare is enabling much, if not most of the fraud they are asking us to identify using an incomplete set of information that might take 6 to 12 months to be available at all.  In the meantime, while you are trying to fend off the bill collectors with charges you know to be incorrectly applied, your credit history will be damaged.  The day is here, I fear, that it is just cheaper and easier to die than fight what you simply cannot win!

  3. Fraud does cost Medicare. For a visite on 2-23-16 and wellness Community care in Greenbank WV 24944 charge medicare 395.89. I’ve call your office, the lady says: they can charge what they want. Is it normal to charge so much just for 10 mn of my time for a visite and maybe 10 mn for wellness questions. PLease write me back, like that I will undertand Medicare. Thank you Josette M Hasha: Medicare claim Number: 439-58-4264B

  4. Personally, I prefer managing my own health care with diet, exercise, and the phyto-nutrients and the natural nutrients of the earth. They don’t want you knowing your body can heal itself if given the proper nutrients. #Organics

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