Medicare & You: Deciding to Sign Up for Medicare Part B

Important information about deciding whether to sign up for Medicare Part B.

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Medicare & You: Deciding to Sign Up for Medicare Part B

12 thoughts on “Medicare & You: Deciding to Sign Up for Medicare Part B

  1. I propose a change to automatic enrollment at age 65. You should have to do something to enroll. What if you move around a lot and didn’t get your mail in a timely manner. You become automatically enrolled without your approval. Now you have double coverage that you don’t need because you have your wife’s insurance. I have paid over 2400.00 for coverage that I didn’t need. Now I’m trying to get removed and it’s been tough. I sent a letter after talking to a representative in March 2016 and I’m still enrolled! Called today 7/20 and finally after my second letter I’m being removed. What a hassle! I’m going down to SS and try to get some of my money back….

    • How can anybody living in the US be so dumb that he doesn’t know that Medicare starts at 65? Next, you’ll tell us that you didn’t realize you need a license to drive a car.

  2. Oh and the reps can be alittle more patient. The first rep he seem young tried to dominate the conversation. I answered his 20 questions and finally it was my turn to ask questions like what did he think happened to my paper work submitted in March 2016? But he wanted to dominate the conversation and when I wouldn’t let him he hung up on me after spending 1 hour of my time waiting for the call back. Solomon can suck me sideways!

  3. Charles, who do we need to talk about this automatic enrollment without anyone’s approval. Is it Medicare or Social Security? My mom is going through the same issue, since when people just get enrolled without ever approving it!?

  4. How do you opt out of medicare? I am reciving soicial security, a resident of Italy, and have health care. I have no intention of ever returning to the USA. Is medicare even valid overseas?

  5. Brock what are you typing? I knew Medicare was going to start up at 65 but; having moved around a lot I didn’t receive my card and correspondence to return since I have health insurance through my wife. So the big issue is that they need to receive something through the mail as a confirmation of your choice. Not just auto enroll you

  6. It takes research. I am retired drawing pension and social security but my husband is still working and we have health coverage through his work. I don’t believe, from research so far, that signing up for part b will be helpful at all. I have no intention of signing up for medicare at all while I have health coverage already unless my husband’s health plan says it will reduce my copays and other healthcare costs in a big way. What I am not clear on is what the costs are for signing up for medicare or even just for part b.

  7. One more time……my only beef with Medicare part B is if they don’t hear from you a 65 yr old American they automatically sign you up. Once your signed up and you realize that you don’t need coverage because you have insurance through your wife’s employer they make it really hard to be removed. It’s so easy to get signed up (do nothing) but very hard to be removed. Why? and one of my employees at the federal gov. was a total dickhead!

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