Medicare To Become Insolvent In 2026, Three Years Earlier Than Forecast

Medicare’s financial problems have gotten worse, and Social Security’s can’t be ignored forever, the government said Tuesday in an annual assessment that amounts to a sobering checkup on programs vital to the middle class. Matt Yurus reports.

Medicare To Become Insolvent In 2026, Three Years Earlier Than Forecast

34 thoughts on “Medicare To Become Insolvent In 2026, Three Years Earlier Than Forecast

    • so what we have now is better? in the real world people like trump would be locked up under care ,but dc is not the real world

    • we gotta do something to help american citizens,and considering that the only medical care that most have comes from the government there you go,,you cold do what many countries have done which is to socialize medical care and drug production,,there is absolutely no reason that drugs should cost more than a dollar a dose,if you have to recover your costs ,wait awhile,,and if you are a foreign drug company and want to get anything in here to this country hat is how it should extended patents either longer than three years,and generics after two years

    • terry Bigler
      If it’s up to the GOP Congress and their paymasters in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, and big corporations, America will never see universal healthcare or affordable care. Healthcare and pharmaceuticals are traded as commodities in this country. Most of us want universal healthcare but many, especially in red states, bought into this “pull yourself up from your bootstraps” bullshit that they think dying on the street because you can’t afford healthcare is the epitome of American rugged individualism. It will be up to the states to run their own universal health because the GOP Darwinists in Congress are not going to budge for anyone except for the 1%.

    • A W
      I don’t know how old you are, or if you are a Russian troll, but most of us, Americans, will never see either Social Security or Medicare before they become insolvent. So it won’t matter if Medicare is for all because it will be for none. This “everyman for himself” mentality of yours does not work anymore. We live in a world that is interdependent whether you like it or not.

    • Rick Piano you are an idiot someone without papers cant apply for government aide just shows how stupid trumptards are.

    • Wow u believe bunch of immigrants can topple the multi-trillionnaire healthcare industry that our government can’t even handle base of this information…..go educate urself then speak

    • thats inacurate ,you have to show green cards to get medical care on anything other than an emergency basis,,this is a lie fostered by groups that have no real knowledge of the facts,but sells well to morons ,,big theft is always at the top ,not the bottom

  1. Perfect. Right around my retirement age. Good thing I’m planning ahead with income-producing stocks and rental properties. Start finding alternative avenues of income if you’ve not already – you’re gonna need it.

    • ok you obviously paid into the system ,but say god forbid that one of your kids needs a special drug that cists upwards of 10,000 dollars a dose or they die,are you ready to pay out of pocket for it?If you are thenyou are dooing better than 99% of mot americans who get decimated or do without

  2. Maybe if we quit screwing around on the rest of the world’s wars and businesses ,outlaw job outsourcing to foreign companies and make american companies overseas pay employment tax on foreign labor, at american rates and tarrifs on their foreign made goods we could afford to pay for our own people’s care. Requiring all foreign doctors to do public service in government care for two years before they are given free pass to “the land of financial opportunity as part of their way in could also wise if you sell it here ,make it here with american labor,or pay a tariff on it, and stop ducking financial responsibilities so that your stock looks better,,And another thing ,to buy real estate in the country you should be required to be a citizen,,like most other countries .and to invest here as well,,,by their absolute inaction on critical issues congress has put the screws to americans,leaving them with no upward mobility and no way for ownership unless they are wealthy..Nother thing make fines for hiring undocumented workers more than a parking ticket,,20% bottom corporate line first time 50% second time,,treat the business fines the same way that you guys already treat fines for normal americans,,no more special considerations .We have to understand that world standing in a lot of cases depends on how much disposable income each citizen has and accep our place. We no longhr lead anything because our workers are paupers,and everything goes to the already wealthy who though they are assessed taxes have so many loophole unavailable to the average wage earner that they effectively pay nothing but pocket change..A real equality would be 40% of gross over a million dollars garnered, no capital gains exemptions becuse its all income anyway level the playing field and stop cutting the one percent so many breaks,,they do no work and produce nothing anyway..There is absolutely no reason that a few hundred people should control 85% of all the wealth in this country,none at all especially when it comes right straight off the backs of workers

  3. If the US government would replace the billions of dollars they have milked out of the program we would not have this problem. All those that have paid in and never got to collect a dime certainly should have some excess in the system. And yes way to many other programs funded by this system as well

  4. I do not hate foreigners or other idiot like people who habitat the programs designed for hard working but needy Americans. People just doing the best they can for themselves.

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