Medicare Supplements vs Medicare Advantage Plans

So your thinking of taking a Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare Advantage is NOT a Medicare Supplement. They are totally different. It is like comparing apples and oranges. This is comparison of Medicare Supplements to Medicare Advantage Plans. It is a very simple explanation and only takes a few minutes. This video can save you a lot of frustration and money.

5 thoughts on “Medicare Supplements vs Medicare Advantage Plans

  1. Hi Walter. Medicare Supplements only supplement the gaps in Medicare.
    Therefore if Medicare doesn’t approve the proceedure and Medicare doesn’t
    pay there is nothing the Medicare Supplement can do. Medicare only approves
    proceedures that are medically necessary. Generally, Medicare considers
    routine proceedures to be not medically necessary. The best way to find out
    if the proceedure is Medicare approved is to ask you doctor. Sometimes, if
    there is a question, you must get it pre-approved.

  2. supl. Does not pay if procedure is not covered by Medicare such as
    routine physicals etc . How can I know if in fact the service is coverer ?

  3. 27cclark57, this information came directly from a Med Supp insurer. What
    isn’t truthfull. You are very vague. Back up your comment with facts.

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