Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) for People Under Age 65

This video discusses Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) for People Under Age 65.

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12 thoughts on “Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) for People Under Age 65

  1. as usual this NO help. the heading is for people under 65 and then it
    starts talking about when you turn 65. is it possible to get gap insurance
    before 65 in WA. and i don’t want any maybes, i need answers. Real ones
    with explanations. what does she mean by underwriting? who offers it and
    how do i get it.

    • Me: 55 SSI disability, Medicare only. Pacific County Washington
      What I am finding is that under state law insurers will NOT offer me any
      policy through or the WA version, until I am 64.5 years old.
      In the mean time I am recovering from cancer with a LOT of medical bills
      with no chance of ever being able to pay them.
      I’ve talked to my main doctor and all he can do is let out a sigh, shake
      his head and say “I know”.
      I’m not looking to game the system. I just don’t know what to do or say
      when the month is half over, I have .30 cents to my name, and a doctor
      calls and says “would you like to make a payment?”

      WITH WHAT????????? HOW??????

  2. A video for something so important, with material I’m going to want to
    review again and again?

    Provide transcripts as well as the videos, so that those of us who just
    want to read it through can do so.

  3. Rod is right, explain medical underwriting.

    At any rate, if you’re on Medicare for disability, go to and
    follow the steps to locate Medigap policies in your area. Make suyre you
    put your accurate birthdate — the system will figure out that you’re on
    disability and will filter the results accordingly.

  4. @dale/rob Medical underwriting is insurance companies hoops they make an
    applicant jump prior to approval or denial. They ask the questions like
    smoker or not, and pre-existing conditions. Sometimes there is a physical
    Dr. visit…etc. Pretty much current and medical history.

  5. I am finding it almost impossible to find Medigap coverage under the age of
    65 that I can afford. I am in that chasm of too much income to qualify for
    Medicaid yet not enough money to pay for everything including Medigap
    coverage. is there anyone in Michigan I can contact to find out what my
    options are?

  6. I am struggling to pay for my car, insurance, food,heat, cooling, need
    windows that HOA won’t replace&they own the building & need painting done,
    closet, cabinets&more. I need dental work and the waiting Lists in NJ are
    all 2-3 years for help. Clinics only pull teeth or clean. Had xrays taken
    for $122.00. Can someone suggest a dental insurance that is worthwhile
    under $50 a month? I just keep reading, reading, reading and can’t find
    help for good dental insurance that I can afford. I can’t get medicaid and
    make less than $13000.00 a year.

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