Medicare Supplement Plans (NY and CT)

Plan F-HD As a resident of New York or Connecticut, your Medicare supplement plan strategy is different than with any other state but very simple. Go with the low cost of a Medicare supplement Plan F high deductible to keep your premiums down.

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You enjoy all the benefits of a Medicare supplement plan. You can see any doctor in any state and go to any medical facility, as long as they accept Medicare. Your out-of-pocket risk is limited.
If you ever believe you are about to face high medical expenses, just switch to a more comprehensive plan. Once those expenses are behind you, switch back to the lower cost plan. No medical questions asked and you are guaranteed to be accepted.

This is what your strategy should be:
Go for the lowest cost coverage now. This will be coverage that limits your maximum out-of-pocket liability. It makes certain you can’t have medical bills beyond what you can manage. No matter what.
If something happens, you get ill and you are looking at higher medical costs in the near future, you can switch to the Medicare supplement plan with the most comprehensive coverage. You will pay a higher premium, but you will not have to deal with Medical bills.

The Medicare supplement plan with the lowest premium is typically your Medicare supplement Plan F –high deductible. Anyone who is eligible for Medicare prior to 2020 can get a Medigap Plan F-High Deductible. After 2020 this plan will be replaced with an identical plan called the Medigap Plan G – high deductible. Different name, same benefits. If you want to switch to that plan after 2020, you can.

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Medicare Supplement Plans 2020 (NY and CT)

26 thoughts on “Medicare Supplement Plans (NY and CT)

  1. Hello I love your video..My question is: I’m on SSDI with Medicare since 5/1/17 DOB 11/06/1957
    …Do these rule about price and switching between plans apply to me too?

    • Hi Blanche – There are rules to consider if you are on Medicaid. Other than that, just to confirm before I replied; I went through various NY Medigap applications and prices for under 65 and find them to be exactly the same as over 65. The rules are the same for in NY for under 65 as over 65. I expect that to be true in CT as well. If you live in CT and want me to confirm let me know.

    • I’m happy to hear this..I have signed up for plan N..I go for Pain Management injections which can be costly, and 2 times a month..I din’t sign up for plan F-HD because of that..I’m wondering however if Plan A might be safe or not

    • Could you please tell me how easy the insurance companies make it to switch from plan to plan? Would it or Could I- be easier to switch with you?

    • Blanche – In NYC all the insurance companies should make it easy for you to switch. However, each insurance company offers plans at different prices (identical benefits, different prices, and different pricing strategies). My role is to represent your best interest in finding the right plan for your needs and your budget, then find the insurance company that will give you the best price over your lifetime. You don’t pay for my services. You don’t pay more for your insurance when you work through a broker like me. What you get is the ability to easily see and understand all your options.

  2. Hello I would like to call and speak to you..Please let me know when is the best time and a phone number thanks Blanche

  3. Very informative info, presented so well and easy to understand. Requested your assistance thru your website. Thank you so much

  4. Excellent video. Very clearly presented. Very useful.
    I’m a Connecticut resident.
    You have convinced me to get a high deductible plan when the time comes.

    Question: Premiums for Part B and Part D are higher if your Adjusted Gross Income is greater than $85,000. How much higher depends on how high your AGI is. Is there a similar increase for Medicare Supplemental policies if your AGI is above $85,000?

  5. if i m hearing this right so basically you would need to acquire a $10000 medical bill to hit your deductible with a HDF plan?

    • If all your services were outpatient Medicare Part B, then yes it will take over $10,000 in Medicare approved charges at Medicare approved rates to reach the current $2,240 annual deductible. Also, the deductible amount is linked to your Social Security COLA. i.e. a 2% increase in your COLA would result in a 2% increase in your deductible. That deductible is also your maximum annual out-of-pocket expenditure. That is why it’s rediculous to pay $3,000 +/- a year for a supplement when the Plan F-HD caps your annual cost for medical bills at less than other plan premiums.

  6. I live in NY can I switch from Advantage plan to Regular Medicare with D and Supplement plan with no underwriting and no enrollment period?

    • Great question, Robert. In NY and CT, when you have a Medicare supplement you can switch to another Medicare supplement at any time, without Medicare questions or qualifications. Conversely, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan you can only switch out of that plan during the annual disenrollment period. The annual disenrollment period is from January 01 through February 14. Most insurance companies will allow you to apply for a supplement starting October 15, for the supplement to start coverage on January 01 (the first day of the disenrollment period). You can also get a Part D plan starting october 15th through the disenrollment period as well. At no time will you be required to go through medical underwriting to qualify for a supplement plan. This is important – if you take action to disenroll between October 15 and December 07, your supplement and Part D can start January 01. If you take action to disenroll in January, your supplement and Part D will start February 01. If you take action in February up to the 14th, your new plans will start on March 01. – If you like my answers, please give my answer a thumbs up. 🙂

    • Thanks for your quick response. I’m picking out an advantage plan that goes into effect June 1st. I cant afford the extra premium of a supplement plan and part D but its good to know if I wanted to in the future I can switch to A,B,D and medigap without the underwriting. One other question. Not that I want to be switching back and forth all the time but can I switch back to Advantage plan from A,B,D and Mgap without any underwriting?

    • Did you know you can get a Medicare supplement and Part D plan for less than $100 / month? Even more, this plan will provide more insurance coverage and freedom of choice than any Advantage plan. Just curious.

    • No I didn’t know that. I’m working with an independent Medicare agent and he gave me the choice of 2 Advantage plans with 0 premiums. I’m on SS Disability and after SS takes out the 134 for part B I’ll be making 1288. That’s not leaving me much for my other monthly expenses. Maybe that’s why he was pushing the advantage plans. Plus I have 9 medications I take daily all generic and generic preferred. Don’t most of the D plans have a $405 deductible ? I wish I could make it work because Id rather have Original Medicare. That’s why I asked if I could switch from Advantage plan later if I could swing the extra cost.

    • Robert, I understand your situation. This is what I suggest, use this link to send me your zip code and contact information: I will email you a quote and information on the Medicare supplement I beleive most fits your situation (The Plan F-HD). It has a lot of advantages over a Medicare Advantage plan. We can also talk over the phone and I will walk you through how to shop for the Medicare Part D plan that will offer you the lowest price on your prescriptions using the website. Then you decide. I don’t “sell” or pressure. I just offer the information you should have before you make a decision. It may be that the Medicare Advantage plan is the way to go. But you need to have all the options in front of you before you can make that decision.

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