Medicare Supplement Plans – Medigap Insurance Questions and Answers

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Learning about Medicare supplement plans doesn't have to be hard! Our videos have helped thousands of people learn about Medigap insurance and we're helped thousands more by phone to apply for Medicare coverage. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to keep up with Medigap 2017 rates and benefits.

In those thousands of conversations I've come to realize that there were a set of the same questions that most people were looking for the answers to, which is why I created this video. Medicare Supplement plans offer great coverage, but it's not as simple as just signing up for a particular plan with the most well-known company and forgetting about it. Companies have rate increases each year and they all charge different premiums for the exact same coverage. Now you don't have to try to learn on your own! Finding Medigap Insurance for 2017 has never been easier.

At we make the learning process and applying for coverage as easy as possible. And we'll check your rates each year, something the big carriers never do for people. Why? Because they don't want you knowing about lower rates with other companies! That's why our clients love our service. You pay the same premium if you allow us to help with Medicare Supplement plans in 2016 or if you went direct to an insurance carrier. Wouldn't you want experienced advisors on your side each year for no cost shopping the rates for you? And finding Medicare Part D for 2017 doesn't have to be confusing either, we'll help get you on the right track with drug plans also even though we don't "sell" them.

We'll also keep you posted on any changes affecting Medicare coming up in the future. Although we don't anticipate Medicare Supplement Plans in 2017 changing, things like the 2017 Medicare Part B deductible and premium will change and you need to know these costs.

We look forward to discussing Medicare Supplement plans with you and finding the best Medicare coverage to fit your needs. Simply call us at 888-891-0229, or visit our website

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