Medicare Supplement Plan F – Plan G – Plan N – Which is better and Why?

Medicare Supplement Plan F – Plan G – Plan N – Which is better and Why?
Explaining the three most popular / comprehensive Medicare Supplement Plans:

Plan F = Full Coverage
No Copay
No Deductible
Any Doctor / Any Hospital

Plan G = Greatest Value
The Plan G will cover you exactly like the Plan F except for one difference. You will have to pay the Part B Deductible, which for 2017 is $183.00. The reason that Plan G is the greatest value is because it is usually $300 to $600 less per year then the Plan F and again the only difference is the $183.00 deductible. So why pay an insurance company $400 just to pay your $183.00 deductible. Plan G just makes more sense.

Plan N = Not Fixed
Plan N is a really good plan. There are 4 differences between Plan F (the full coverage plan) and the Plan N (Not fixed)
1) Just like Plan G (the greatest value plan) you pay the $183.00 deductible.
2) Than you have up to a $20.00 copy per Doctor visit.
3) A $50.00 copay for the ER.
4) Part B Excess Charges – This just means that if a Doctor charges more than Medicare, you might have to pay up to 15% more.

I recommend Plan G, because it keeps your healthcare costs “fixed”, meaning there are no surprises like Plan N can have, and I like Plan G better than Plan F because G gives you the same coverage for less money. Do you agree that Plan G offers the greatest value?

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4 thoughts on “Medicare Supplement Plan F – Plan G – Plan N – Which is better and Why?

    • Yes, the $134 per month is for your Medicare A and B (Original Medicare). With Original Medicare you have the same coverage nationwide and you can choose your Providers. However, Plan G does not pay all of your Medicare bills. These are called “gaps” in Medicare. A a couple of the larger “gaps”, Part A has a per occurrence hospital deductible of around $1300 that you have to pay every time you go into the hospital. The biggest “gap” is that for all of your medical and Doctor bills, Medicare Part B only pays 80%, leaving you to pay the remaining 20%. There is no limit to this 20%, so your exposure is unlimited. This is where the Medicare Supplement Plan G (also called the Medigap Plan G) can help. You would pay an additional monthly premium of around $100 per month and in return the Plan G will pay your bills that Medicare does not pay. So Plan G “fills the gaps to Medicare”. With Plan G, you keep your Original Medicare as your Primary insurance so your can still keep your Doctors and you have full coverage nationwide.

  1. are you still paying plan B WITH one of these and how much does this cost ??? and why do this when we see natturpaths and hate western medicine plus why didn’t anyone else tell us this

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