Medicare scammer wants to send a back brace to a robot

This call is unsettling, because it's a scam against all of us.

This is a telemarketer who admits that they are calling "all Medicare patients". In 2014, there were about 50 million people on medicare. So they're calling 50 million people? How is this okay?

So they call the medicare patient, ask if they're having back pain, and offer to send "the back brace". I assume if the patient wants one, they get the medicare information (which is probably bad) and bill medicare for the back brace (which is definitely bad). This is a crime against everyone. Now, there might be some people who can benefit from getting a back brace, but I think we can all agree that this is a scam, right?

There's one question that I cannot hear, but as I listen again I think she asks if he "has a wheelchair". Anyway, this bot is perfect for this call because Whitey Whitebeard is such a befuddled old man. Fortunately, he manages to get under her skin a little bit, and he wastes over seven minutes of her time.
So here is one solution to all of the Medicare fraud going on! Send these scammers to a robot designed to waste their time. Are there any Medicare fraud investigators out there?

Send your telemarketers to this Jolly Roger Bot! I have several. Check out my web site for more info.

Thanks for listening!


Medicare scammer wants to send a back brace to a robot

12 thoughts on “Medicare scammer wants to send a back brace to a robot

  1. She is asking because an HMO plan requires Medicare preapproval whereas a
    PPO plan does not.
    As for Medicare fraud investigators, look up Allegiant Experts.

  2. OMG, I’m crying here. HAHAHHA
    And at the very end at 7:24 when she says “Good night” and he replies
    “Sometimes it sounds too good to be true”…..HAHAHHAHAH I just lost it!

  3. original Medicare only pays 80% a supplemental insurance picks up the
    remaining 20%. They want the Medicare info because that account number is
    still your Social Security number. Other insurance companies stopped using
    the SSN for privacy purposes But Medicare still uses it unfortunately

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