6 thoughts on “Medicare replacement vs. Supplement

  1. This video was spot on. It is great that a provider can actually go on
    record and speak the truth about how Medicare Advantage plans actually
    work. So often, seniors believe they’re getting a great value from a $0
    premium plan. That is, until they go to use it to often find that their
    hospitalization cost $1,500 to $3,000 up to their Max Out of Pocket.
    Unfortunately, it’s usually the lower income seniors that fall for the $0
    premium plans that carry with them a $150 to $250 PER DAY co-payment.

  2. @centurybenefits1 This comment proves that “fly by night” insurance agents
    don’t know jack about “medicare” health insurance. This video is 3 years
    old. This was before plan N was even around. Before June 2010, Medicare
    only offered plans A-J. “Please get all of the facts straight before making
    a comment.”

  3. This video proves that doctors don’t know jack about health insurance.
    First of all Medicare supplement plans are A through N. Also Keep in mind
    that the Doctor gets paid more from regular Medicare and a supplement. The
    Doctor gets paid more. and can bill you more if you don’t have a Medicare
    advantage plan. It’s easy to blame the insurance company for everything. I
    respect all opinions as long as the facts are straight. Please get all of
    the facts straight before making a video.

  4. I was researching the disadvantages of medicare “advantage” plans online
    and it turns out that my mom isn’t the only one who’s had a nightmare
    situation. My sister & I will now have to shell out the 1000’s of $’s to
    pay her hospital fees. No one in our family had any idea that she was no
    longer covered by medicare. The medigap plan we have since enrolled her in
    costs a bit more but its a heck of alot more affordable than one huge bill.
    Thanks for posting this—I only wish I had seen it sooner!

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