Medicare Provider Enrollment Through PECOS

This video provides a short demonstration on how to use the online Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System (PECOS) to submit a Medicare enrollment application for providers and prescribers.

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Medicare Provider Enrollment Through PECOS

10 thoughts on “Medicare Provider Enrollment Through PECOS

    • In order to get paid to see Medicare patients, doctors have to go through
      an application process. No different from getting a mortgage, job, etc. How
      is that unnecessary government bureaucracy?

      Should the government allow anyone to sign up without any scrutiny

    • +WDE1121 This video is primarily about dental prescribers of MEDICATIONS
      for patients with Medicare. It is NOT about getting paid from the feds for
      those prescriptions. This is merely “required” to be able to provide Rx’s
      to Medicare patients. We already have a DEA number, so you’d think the feds
      would just use that as a valid ID. Instead this just adds another layer of
      bureaucratic BS.

    • +WDE1121 this is not a new application that the letter from CMS told some
      of us to come here for. I am ALREADY REGISTERED,, as are others. It’s just
      making us re-do what they already have.

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