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Do you, like many others, find choosing a Medicare plan to be confusing? We’re here to help advise you. There are two types of Medicare plans- let’s start with the Medicare Supplement Plan. A true Medicare Supplement Plan pays for everything that Medicare does not. That means no co-pays or deductibles, and if you’re traveling outside of the country, you’re still covered. The other option is a Medicare Advantage Plan; with a Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare benefits are transferred to an individual insurance company, who pays claims and does the administration work- not Medicare. They typically have a co-pay for each service provided, although there is a maximum out of pocket cost of $6700, which helps in a worst case scenario. Generally, Medicare Advantage Plans are less expensive than Medicare Supplement Plans, cause more people to choose MAP’s over MSP’s. Call us at 940-382-4700 or visit us at for a quote today.

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Medicare Plans | Ask Bob | Insurance Connection USA


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