Medicare Plan Options for 2019 | New Open Enrollment Period in January

Medicare Plan Options for 2019 start with January 1 to March 31 with the new Open Enrollment period, allowing those on Medicare Advantage to switch to a different Advantage plan OR go back to Original Medicare and pick up an individual Part D drug plan.

This new period provides options we have not had for years. See the video for details.

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đŸ”´ Medicare Plan Options for 2019 | New Open Enrollment Period in January

5 thoughts on “Medicare Plan Options for 2019 | New Open Enrollment Period in January

    • If you have Plan F, the industry expects faster-than-normal rate increases when no new Turning 65 folks can join Plan F and the average age of those owning it starts rising, immediately. Those that can qualify to get other plans, like Plan G or Plan N will leave, because they can medically qualify to get out of Plan F at that point. Those remaining in Plan will include those who do not pay attention to their rate increases (it happens) OR those who cannot, due to health at the time, get into a different plan.

      If the Plan F population begins to age, as a whole, and a larger portion of those remaining are only this sicker and those with higher claims (cannot go elsewhere), it might lead to a spiral in rate increases even more. – Chris

      See for an explanation in what we are already seeing in rate increases from 2018 on Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N.

  1. Went with original medicare from the get go thanks to your info. Worked out great for me and my wife, saved us a lot of money in the long run. Thanks

    • Bernie, that’s great! I hope and pray you never experience the downside of unlimited cost exposure on just original Medicare. I wish you both great health!

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