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Medicare Part B and What It Covers: Doctor’s Care and Services
Medicare Part B is commonly selected to be used with Medicare Part A. Part B is one of several parts that make up the federal government Medicare health insurance program. Seniors 65 and older, individuals with disability or permanent disability qualify for this coverage. This coverage can be used with Part A to reduce medical costs associated with specific services such as hospitalization and visits with health care professionals. This coverage is known to offer partial coverage for certain doctor services.
Receiving Services and How Part B Helps Pay for Your Care
This part of Medicare requires individuals to pay a fee each month toward their coverage. The amount paid by the individual varies because it depends on monthly earnings and other charges they may be responsible for paying. When a person signs up for coverage they need to be able to pay a required deductible. They may be required to pay associated costs past the deductible. In most cases the individual is required to pay the deductible before receiving services. The service received may incur additional costs the patient will be responsible for paying later.
A portion of Medicare Part B is designed for reimbursement by the government. This is when the government pays for costs once the deductible is paid up. For example, coverage may include an 80/20 plan. This is when the patient pays 20 percent of the deductible and the government pays 80 percent of health care costs associated with the plan. Keep in mind this concept does not apply when the doctor is expected to be paid a specific amount and the government may not make the payment based on their determination. This means the doctor may expect the patient to pay what the government did not.
Overview of Doctor Services Covered and Other Ways to Obtain Coverage
Part B may offer limited coverage related to services such as exams and services performed by other health care professionals. Most common types of services covered include necessary health care and preventative care services. Some medical supplies and equipment may qualify for coverage. While this coverage is common with Part A, because of discrepancies in who will pay what in some situations, people decide to Medicare Part C instead.
Part C is private insurance option that is approved by Medicare. This means you can choose a private insurance option and Medicare may help cover what the private option didn’t cover. Part C may have patients incur higher costs but more services are covered including prescription drugs, vision and dental care. Medicare Part B is an option for people with low income. The state they live in would offer this coverage through a program known as Medicaid. Each year the amount of coverage provided may vary depending on state and federal regulations. The state Medicaid program may also assist in helping individuals obtain affordable health care with little or no cost depending on qualifications.


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