Medicare Medicaid Dual Eligibility

If you can qualify for Medicaid you definitely need to know the rules that govrern the dual eligibility program when it comes to Medicare and Medicaid partnership.

DId you know you may be eligible for hundreds of dollars of vouchers to buy the things you'd use daily, things like vitamins, dental floss, all kinds of stuff that you are currently spending your own money on?

Having a problem getting transportation to and from your doctors office? The Medicare and Medicaid partnership may have vouchers for you in this capacity too, where you can even use different providers!

Oh you don't qualify for Medicaid, so what's this podcast to you?

I guarantee you there are people in your church group, in your veterans affilation, in your community who qualify and are ignorant about the benefits of the Medicare and Medicaid Dual eligibility program.

Help them out by learning the system and how they can increase their lifestyle even by a tiny amount. When you're poor, EVERY bit helps!

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2 thoughts on “Medicare Medicaid Dual Eligibility

  1. 3:50 — Transportation
    6:30 — Counties 2019
    10:00 — Change plans year round
    11:00 — How to know if you’re dual eligible?
    13:30 — Still qualify or not? Part d extra help…
    14:40 — Qualify for savings / vouchers!!!!
    17:00 — Transportation
    20:40 — Order of operation accepts it or not!!!

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