Medicare is costing less, has more options under Trump: Dr. Siegel

Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel offers his insights on President Trump’s actions and comments on health care and Medicare.

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Medicare is costing less, has more options under Trump: Dr. Siegel

54 thoughts on “Medicare is costing less, has more options under Trump: Dr. Siegel

  1. Regarding pharma cost, let’s not forget to thank Dems like Crooked Booker and others when over 3 years ago they stood quietly behind closed doors voted against and defeated less expensive pharma entering the US market from Canada citing “Concern/Worries”.

    I’m confident fixed income seniors and American citizens in general wouldn’t be pleased with these deceiving hypocritical lying scoundrels putting their pharma lobbyist(s) “Safety” interests/pockets before Americans financial and healthcare needs. Just sharing the fact(s) for the “record”..

    Bathroom Booker has deservedly taken a lot of heat for voting against an amendment sponsored by Senators Amy Klobuchar and Bernie Sanders that would have created a reserve fund to allow Americans to buy cheap prescription drugs from Canada. Booker was far from alone—12 other Democrats, including *Mark Warner and Patty Murray, voted against the bill. Per. New Republic, Vox, etc..*

    • Bunk. This guy is touting Medicare Part C, which has been around since the 70s before it was official in 1997. As I see it, the most important part of Trump’s EO is eliminating the requirement to enroll in Medicare Part A (and give up your HSA/FSA) when you turn 65 or start taking Social Security. This is a gift to insurers and people whose employers offer an HSA/FSA, and weakens Medicare.

      One thing he’s right about, though, is that “Medicare for All” is NOT Medicare. Bernie Sanders (deceitful POS) cynically stole the label of a popular program (Medicare) and slapped it on his legislation.

  2. If anyone has been watching, there has been a few big stings by the DOJ into Medicare fraud in recent months. Billions of dollars were stolen from Medicare by way of fake treatments and tests. Go to the DOJ website to read about them.

    • Joey B dems learned how to resist like republicans during the Obama administration and they learned how to divide like the conservatives have been all along by scapegoating immigrants for all the problems in this country. It’s conservatives who divide by gerrymandering and they just got caught for doing it. Conservatives live in a bubble lol

  3. Liberal democrats haven’t fixed a single thing in their entire existence as a political ideology.
    So many examples of how many things they’he screwed up, but just to throw out one, take Obamacare. A multi trillion dollar scam and it worked so well that EVERY (every!) DNC candidate is running on “fixing our broken healthcare system” as if 8 years of US History just vanished into thin air from 2008-2016.
    All these corrupt democrats berated and demonized as racists, any critics of Obamacare, now they and the media never bring it up or asked to explain THEIR disastrous policies

    • Obama took almost one trillion dollars from our seniors PAID IN MEDICARE…to start Obamcare. President TRUMP is fixing that mess too.

    • Obamacare did some good in that it got +20 million more Americans health insurance. Of that, it also fixed pre-existing conditions which even most Republicans are forced to agree was a no-brainer as well as for young people to stay on their parents’ plans until age 26. The root of the problem of healthcare costs in America still remains with price gouging, no prescription drug price negotiation, and private health insurance market failures. Big Pharma lobbying campaigns will spend 10’s of millions and Fox Business will work overtime to take the teeth out of any future legislation too.

    • @J0eFlesh Obamacare failed for every reason. Extortion of the people, failed mandate, socialism, the lazy didn’t contribute and it was started by the incompetence party.

  4. Johnathan, I will give you credit for being Devil’s advocate. Medicare was set aside for seniors. They are on the back end of life, no job, and need more care. All it means a thinner pot and less care.

    • Medicare is funded by the people who end up having it. Everyone who has a legitimate paycheck in America pays into Medicare every payday, except government workers have a different program …which BTW is wrong, everyone should pay into social security and be covered by medicare, government should NOT have a separate program.

  5. Who was that guy think he’s had to much coffee?Us citizens don’t want to pay for Illegals it will finish breaking our country Dems want that

    • his name is jonathan hoenig and he calls himself the capitalist pig. panicked that he might lose a nickel from his hedge fund if we control immigration or raise wages or provide services that we the people have PAID FOR.

    • @Melody Lin That’s true. If the *RAT PARTY* does what’s good for the country that means they have to take their fingers out of the till and stop getting rich off of the American people’s back

    • @Teresa Mier yep.. if they were paid A LOT less few would take their jobs. Only those who love this country would work for less. They work for us and do nothing for what they are paid.

  6. MEDICARE has already been paid for by the time you reach 65!
    This is why NOT MEDICARE FOR ALL who have NOT contributed over their working life!

  7. BS”D Whoever this jonathan is – the moment I see he is part of the cast I leave.
    One more hater taking down fox! Shame.

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