Medicare in 2016

On Thursday, October 15, the Social Security Administration announced that there will be no cost of living adjustment (COLA) for 2016. At the same time, the Medicare Part B premium and deductible is expected to increase significantly for some people next year.
Watch the Medicare Rights Center, Social Security Works, and the Alliance for Retired Americans discuss what this means for you.

11 thoughts on “Medicare in 2016

  1. The obama regime championed a new way of calculating yearly increases of
    SS. It is called Chained CPI. It will significantly reduce SS benefits
    every year. Question: Why does obama hate the elderly so much? The obama
    regime has no problems in significantly increasing benefits to illegal
    aliens and to welfare queens and kings. Of course people of color are
    vastly disproportionately on the welfare roles where as white make up a
    majority of retired persons receiving SS. Racism involved here. One man’s
    opinion, MINE, says yes…definitely. The sad excuse used by the obama
    regime for yet another zero increase in SS this year is because gas prices
    are down. Hmmmmm, let’s see, I can’t drink gas, I can’t eat gas, I can’t
    pay for my food and rent with gas, which have gone up well beyond 8 percent
    last year. EVERY THING has gone up in price except gas. What a sad
    shithead excuse for fucking over seniors. Bastards.

  2. The most grotesque aspect of medical care in the US the matter of CHOICE.
    The right wing fascists are proud of CHOICE- it sounds so good, but the
    fact is that everyone gets sick and everyone needs medical care –there is
    no CHOICE. All medical care must be free and available for all. I get an
    “explanation” from Medicare of 35 pages of gobledigook so I can CHOOSE
    which “is right for me”. The reality is that they are making a carload of
    money off me and whatever I choose, I lose, they win. Same thing with ONE
    SIZE DOESNT FIT ALL. That is a lie. One size does fit all.

  3. There has been a trend with MA plans to move from co-pays to co-insurance
    ranging from 20% to 40% for costly services such as diagnostic and
    therapuetic radiology, part b drugs & outpatient chemotherapy, dialysis,
    surgery, hospital observation, durable medical equipment, diabetic testing
    supplies etc.
    Although Medicare has a massive database, information on established
    Medicare rates for common & costly outpatient procedures are not readily
    available or transparent to the public or professionals.
    As a result, consumers, families and Medicare counselors (like me) do not
    have critical information to help people make informed cost/benefit and
    risk analysis and decisions among a complex variety of different options
    (original Medicare +/- Medigap & PDP and the various MA HMO, PPO plans).
    Has the Medicare Rights Center developed a resource listing common and
    costly Medicare approved outpatient service/procedure rates for Upstate NY?
    If not, can you refer me to another resource that have published this info.
    Thanks for all that you do for millions of Medicare subscribers.
    It is very much appreciated.
    Jim Sorrentino
    Certified Medicare Counselor
    Rochester, NY

  4. There is a some good information in here relative to the economics and
    changes in Medicare Part B but you have to get through the partisan
    political rhetoric.

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