Medicare Fraud

Billions of dollars are being stolen from Medicare each year. Steve Kroft spoke to one man who got caught and explained how he managed to bilk the system. 60 Minutes, Sunday at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Medicare Fraud

5 thoughts on “Medicare Fraud

  1. There are a bunch of theives working in Medicare. They lied and said I was too late applying for it and they were overcharging me round 30 dollars when it was TOO high for me to pay out of my little check! I guess they expect me to give in to my depression illness and go ahead and KILL myself!!!! I’d like to take some of them with me so far as to reach JUDGEMENT!!!

  2. Why? How is that the government’s job? Take care of yourself. Doctors have to give up the fruit of their labor to you just because you demand it? What do you do for a living? How about I just demand that YOU do it for free?

  3. Medicare has the worst fraud prevention program out there. Its how they cut costs and stay so efficient. Atleast that’s what they’re telling us.

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