Medicare for All? Why It Can’t Work | Louder With Crowder

"Medicare for all!" demands Bernie Sanders. But does it work? Let's take a look at the countries that have already implemented such ideas!

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Medicare for All? Why It Can't Work | Louder With Crowder

81 thoughts on “Medicare for All? Why It Can’t Work | Louder With Crowder

    • People in Canada also go to America to get treatment for more serious problems. And I live in Moscow so idk about the rest of you poor fucks but we’ve got it great here. Москва Это не россия да?

    • because  Canadians don’t get vision or dental through their Medicaid for all system, so if mum and dad both needed braces and they have 3 kids dad needs to stay at a job he hates to be able to afford the kids” braces

    • Social security medicare all of it works fine if the tax rates that were in place the these prgograms began were reinstated. You people need to stop watching this propaganda a crack open a history book

    • KevinAmbrose people aren’t arguing it’s not possible.

      It is, if you massively increased taxes and cut everything else to fit it in. People are saying it’s not worth it.

    • Nathan Stirling Yes, and the USA has a much higher obesity rate, and uses two systems for healthcare.

      The current system in Obamacare is worse than socialized health care. But socialized healthcare is worse than free market healthcare- it has no incentive for quality.

      It’s sort of a same problem with education. :p

    • Ian Brandon Anderson No incentive for quality? Doctors are paid very well in the UK. We have some of the best healthcare in the world and no one here wants a free market system….hell, find a western country anywhere outside of the States who wants it….None of them do. Free market healthcare is ok for those with money and terrible for those without…..or the unlucky. Not only that but it is bankrupting your country far more than any other expenditure…..You call it ‘socialized healthcare’….Do you call your military, ‘socialised military’ or your fire or police service ‘socialised’?

  1. “All rights in the constitution don’t cost the government a dime. if it would cost the government, it would be a commodity…

    • Tropic Islands. Did someone (outside of a YouTube comments section, no offense) say that? Is that a quote from someone?

      I’m asking so I know who to quote when I school some commies

    • those wars dont ensure rights they ensure bankers get rich I dont support military spending because our military doesn’t protect us they wage wars around the world doing the governments dirty work. Thats right I am a right winger

    • well I wasn’t saying anything about the success of cuba overall, just refuting a specific point, but even with that aside cuba has managed to achieve some impressive things considering their position

    • Fabricated quote from The Voluntary Way is the American Way (1949) by PR firm Whitaker and Baxter. According to The Heart of Power by David Blumenthal and James Morone (pp. 91-92):

  2. Here is my argument against “healthcare is a right”. A. it’s not. B. the right to bear arms, a right we actually have, doesn’t mean that every person has to have a gun, and those that can’t afford one get a government subsidized gun. It just means we have the ability to purchase it.

    • 177SCmaro And since you’ve been the one asking all the questions, in a failed attempt to lead people to your conclusions. I think I can ask one.
      Why do you think groups of people decided to form governing bodies in the first place? Especially considering how apparently evil they are. Why would anyone subject themselves to that?

    • 177SCmaro And just a side note. Because you think you’re so smart. I just wanted to point out that at the beginning of this little flare you never asked me to define taxation. You simply asked are taxes good, for who, at whose expense. And if rape is good. Which is what I originally answered. To answer again.
      Are taxes good? Yes, ideally
      for whom? Everyone, ideally
      at whose expense? Everyone’s, ideally.

  3. LOL no such thing as “free” healthcare in any country the taxpayers pay for it it’s just not upfront. Also last I checked the VA has healhcare for all like system we all know how “well” that’s going

    • The VA is massively corrupt because it’s given way too much money and not enough accountability. Also, if someone says that maybe we should cut it, everyone scream because veterans are viewed as gods.

    • King Dewoot, I’m guessing that you know nothing about the military, or you would know that medical care for veterans is part of a contract they made. “We can send you off to where you can die, but if you live will give you medical care for life.” Maybe anyone who is willing to put their life on the line, whether the war is just or not, has something of godhood in them. When you take the oath you don’t get to say “I’ll go if I agree with the war, otherwise I’ll sit it out.” Many parts of the VA are corrupt, but that’s because it is run politicians. Every VA administrator should have a Sgt. with a CIB standing behind him with a baseball bat.

    • Not so much that Rand Paul is the only one with a plan. He just introduced the bill. His ideas have been in conservative circles for years now.

    • “Why say Republicans and not “other politicians”? Your comment implies Democrats aren’t corrupt, war mongering, corporatist, globalist filth as well, when they blatantly are.”….Mark, that’s because I’m speaking in the context of Rand Paul dealing with most of his Republican colleagues who are, more often than not, at odds with him on both fiscal and social issues. They vote for war, he votes against it. They vote for increased spending, he votes against it. They vote for gutting certain social programs, he votes for a more measured approach that doesn’t hurt the people and leaves the corporations unscathed. He proposes a bill that balances the budget, they propose a bill that kicks the can down the road taxes the middle and working class. But yet he, like his father, can be made fun of by a certain buffoon. The smartest and most sensible people in the room are looked at as clowns by a bunch of corporate hacks…Sorry, I got off track there.

    • A lot of his opinionns are influenced by his corporate contributions. We don’t need more defense spending when we have a huge deficit. We get more defense spending because of military contractors having way too much influence. More spending means more contracts for them. We didn’t need a new fighter plane, but we still get one and it’s a huge money pit.

  4. TYT fans are going to hate this video. They better go back to TYT unicorn land where everyone has a safe space and the Armenian genocide denying buffalo roam.

    • I’ve read all of your posts (Ray Fire, Billy Cool, Brian Lehman) and I suppose that, after we actually talk with one another as people rather than drones on the political spectrum, then we can find terms of agreement. @Brian: I did look at the contradiction that was in the situation of the guy burning down his own church. However, his political affiliation wasn’t confirmed and TYT did report on it being a hoax. But I will say that their reaction was not a heartfelt retraction…In the middle of this statement, let me say that I do not support BLM just because I’m a so-called progressive. I think they are a fraudulent, propped-up Soros outfit exploiting what was originally an earnest plea for help…Moving on: I’m just generally tired of everything being seen through the political spectrum and, then, mostly everyone having a flawed, absolutist point of view about Applied Economics depending on their position on the political spectrum. It’s like most people aren’t well-rounded anymore. Many so-called conservatives believe in capitalism- without understanding that there’s pure and vulture capitalism. And that free-market capitalism cannot and should not be applied to all aspects of our lives. Everything-is-not-for-sale. Every decision in life should not be made based on how much you will profit from it…I’m afraid that we’re in an era of vulture capitalism under Trump. Likewise, I am not for gradual socialism, nor communism, as described under the degrees of Marxism…And back to the original topic of healthcare: I hope that we can find a way to not go back to the days of mothers in need of prenatal care, mental health cases, and other people with preexisting conditions will not be able to get coverage. And in the case of people with preexisting conditions: many of them could no’t find good jobs because the company insurance wouldn’t cover them prior to the ACA. When I was a Hiring Manager, I had to turn down every applicant who revealed that they had diabetes, some form of cancer, and even gout. And these were otherwise very qualified people. I’d hate to go back to those days. The free-market didn’t provide a service for those people; the government stepped in and compelled them to do so…Anyway, some of you will continue to hate me for being a so-called progressive but I’m fine with that. Take care.

    • L B I don’t think anybody here hates anyone. But its obvious that the left is consumed by hate, riots in the streets, screaming bloody murder during Trumps inogeration, (riots in Berkley) Burning of certain offices. Most of the people who are in crowders audience are liberal because we can sit down and have a conversation. Unlike the left who continuously shouts anybody down with a different opinion. I myself can’t stand TYT, thats why you wil generally see my comment on their channel that typically reads, “TYT is garbage” I don’t bother to explain why because I do it all the time. TYT doesn’t have objective reasoning, so I hope they like their own medicine.

  5. If healthcare is a right WHY CANT I CHOOSE TO NOT GET IT? The 2nd amendment is also a right but we don’t force people to get a gun or pay the consequences.

    • Danziiiig In this instance, TL;DR means, “I read your reply, but don’t have a reasonable response, so instead, I’ll stick my fingers in my ears and go, “La la la la”, pretending that I can’t hear you.” Grow up, do some independent research (AKA, not simply what the MSM *wants* you to know) and come back to the discussion when you can contribute more like an adult.

    • How dare these stupid liberals try to make healthcare available for the needy! How dare they actually want to make America great again! Stupid regressive leftists!

    • Elliot Vickers Ok. Say that’s true. That doesn’t necessarily mean he knows HOW to care for his people. The ideas he’s proposing are unrealistic and not cool.

    • And you think Trump does? Did you know that Trump has supported the same healthcare Bernie wants 5 times before?

    • Yep, almost 100,000,000 people. That is why no socialist program will work here. The idea is everyone contributes, everyone gets a fair share. You don’t have that when 40% of your population is freeloading.

    • Dar1966 very true. With a low labor participation, the 60% will have to pay for the other 40%, their children, the 40%’s children, the elderly, illegal immigrants and their children, etc (which is what’s going on now).

  6. I live in a country with universal healthcare (New Zealand) and it’s great. The average NZer pays $7000 USD on healthcare per annum, (thats through taxes and private insurance) while the average yank pays $14,000 USD per annum. In other words we pay less and get more

    • And they are not enough. Stats, we need stats. I had a grand uncle in the Los Angeles area that got much better care from the local VA hospital, with less run around and hassle than private insurance, who stuck him in an outpatient house where he fell out of a chair, had a mild stroke, and no one told us for days.

      Does that imply that VA care is great across the board? No, this is why we need something more broad based to make a credible determination of whether something sucks.

    • +ubuu7 I gave you stats. The numbers I provided have been cited in reports done by Congress. Those numbers where not opinion or “conservative conspiracy.” Can everyone have a difference experience? Yes. But the fact that you completely dismissed the scandal as something the Conservatives made up just because your uncle had a good experience is ignoring the facts of the reports presented to Congress and supported by Obama himself.

    • Louise Engels wrong, CVS alone purchases more prescription drugs than the entire government of Canada your argument does not hold water

    • +Greg Kozikowski It’s so difficult to face the truth that you call other people psycho? Sorry, I didn’t realize you’re a weakling. Here let me sugar coat it for you. “You know, I just feel like it’s not a good idea to go to another country to take advantage of their “superior” system for your individual benefit. I just feel like that might be wrong, but you know, it’s all relative, and stuff… reasons. I just feel like, you know, like, drugs cost money to make and develop. I feel like if you need a prescription you should have to pitch in for the costs to make and develop that drug. I feel like, it’s just right. And other people pay for that drug in Canada because they have this totally “awesome” system where everyone else pays taxes so that healthcare costs are “free” (hidden). You didn’t pay into that so I just feel like it’s not a great idea to do that. I just feel like you could probably afford medications in the U.S. you know, so saving a buck may not be worth that moral hazard. You know man? Just go with your heart though. Feelings. And stuff.”

    • If you were a hard-working middle-class person struggling to pay for your Everly increasingly Insurance costs and you also had a child with special needs you would do whatever it took to take care of her so bite me

    • I’m not Canadian and your “poor me” excuses don’t have an effect on me. Facts, not feelings. I thought that was clear from all of that mocking, but I guess I should say it directly. You’re stealing, stop whining. Your thieving decisions do not create from thin air a good argument for socialized medicine. That’s what you were trying to do, I’m just pointing out that you are morally deficient.

    • The Cardicixn Even if it’s not perfect. It’s better then a system that allows only the rich to afford healthcare. Also it works far better in Canada then in the states.

    • The Cardicixn name calling, a great way to start a discussion.

      Our debt is not going up due to health care costs, that’s a drop in the bucket. It went up like less than 2% since last year, still spending less than half per capita compared to the US. It’s going up because of the Liberals and their plan to spend 10’s of billions of dollars to ‘stimulate the company’, terrible deals and unmanaged spending. That’s not a healthcare issue, that’s a government issue.

      Wait times can be more streamlined but they’re not unacceptable, and I’m assuming you’re talking about wait time for surgeries here. Majority of Canadians (4/5) get their surgery done within the established timelines. There are instances where people have to wait but for emergencies and critical situations, they’re done as soon as possible.

  7. B-b-b-but Crowder, its moral to suggest healthcare because I want to help the poor and you don’t therefor I win the argument HAHAHA

    Joking, I’m with you, Sowell, Shapiro and Friedman. Free handouts encourage complicity and laziness.

    • Nicole The REAL sociopaths are the human trash like you and Bernie Sanders that advocate an amoral ideology based on theft and mob rule.

      Just because a plurality of the nation have their heads firmly up their asses and think that centralizing power to the government where they can manage things they have no legitimate mandate to (universal healthcare, “free” education, social security, and etc…), doesn’t mean it is by any means justifiable to take from me and others who can afford to take care of themselves and are responsible with how they go about living their lives.

      I genuinely don’t want to see the less fortunate die in the streets, and I believe the free market is where the real solutions are rooted from, not this worshipping of big government and relying on central planners to fix our problems for us.

      However, if someone like you or Bernie were to die out in this street, I’d say our country would be better off in terms of having less deadbeats and dumbasses.

    • yawn. ive heard all those arguments before. like i said i used to buy into libertarian bs. human lives > your fear of the “big bad govt” but keep fearmongering since i know it makes you feel very intellectual and more enlightened than everyone else. you need to do more research about just how truly fucked up our current system is if youre still spouting bs like that.

    • yes the disabled, vets (that the right pretend to love and use fore political gain), people who work 40+ hrs a week and can’t afford health care are lazy moochers.

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