Medicare For All Town Hall Highlights

Featured Panelists:

Dr. Stephen Chao – Health Care for All Texas
Tim Faust – Chapo Trap House
Alex Lawson – Social Security Works
Judith Lerma – National Nurses United

We want our representatives to support Medicare for ALL, so we are hosting a Town Hall on July 8th, the same day events will be going on across the country to DEMAND Independence from Privatized Healthcare!

We believe that Healthcare is a human right, and should be accessible and obtainable by all, regardless of wealth.

Most Americans support Healthcare for All, and we believe our representatives should support H.R.676 – Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act. So we are hosting a Town Hall on July 8th. We have invited all members of the US House of Representatives in Harris County to attend our Town Hall event, and we are encouraging local candidates for these seats to attend as well.

Please join us as we learn more about Medicare for All, and find out where our representatives and candidates stand!

Before the Town Hall, we will be hosting a community Health Fair inviting local clinics and Healthcare advocacy organizations to participate. We will have health screenings and information about local resources available, as well as local organizations that you can get involved with to help fight for healthcare for all, and will be doing a screening of the documentary Fix It during the lunch break.

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Medicare For All Town Hall Highlights

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