Medicare For All Support Hits Record High [Again]

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Medicare For All Support Hits Record High [Again]

77 thoughts on “Medicare For All Support Hits Record High [Again]

    • Conservative Analysis I love how you can’t even link to the study you claim proves your point. Perhaps it says something you don’t want to admit? Or perhaps it doesn’t even exist.

      I’ve been on Medicaid for the past 6 months since I lost my job. I’ve had better healthcare access as well as outcomes since I went on Medicaid as opposed to the employer-based heath insurance I had previously. I finally got physical therapy for my hips. I finally got treatment for my iron deficiency anemia. I couldn’t do any of that before because the deductible (on top of what they took out of my paychecks for premiums) was so high that I couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. And that’s without even mentioning that my health insurance company flat out refused to cover the physical therapy I needed (and yes, I really needed it. I’m 31 years old and had to use a cane to walk). Medicaid is infinitely better than both being uninsured *and* private health insurance.

    • Conservative Analysis Most people still have to pay large portion of their savings despite the Medicaid. Also, Medicaid is not exactly a universal healthcare, it is more akin to a “supplement” to help relief the cost. Therefore, it should not be used as an “evidence” that better access to healthcare will not improve health outcome because doing that is using false analogy, which is a logical fallacy.

      Other countries that have universal healthcare has better outcome, and that’s not even debatable. —

      Avendano, M., Glymour, M. M., Banks, J., & Mackenbach, J. P. (2009). Health disadvantage in US adults aged 50 to 74 years: a comparison of the health of rich and poor Americans with that of Europeans. American Journal of Public Health, 99(3), 540-548.

      Universal healthcare is more than just making healthcare affordable for the general populace, in developed countries, it’s also mean raising a standard bar for healthcare providers across the country to ensure that nobody received a substandard care.

      Lurie, N., & Dubowitz, T. (2007). Health disparities and access to health. Jama, 297(10), 1118-1121.

      Asch, S. M., Kerr, E. A., Keesey, J., Adams, J. L., Setodji, C. M., Malik, S., & McGlynn, E. A. (2006). Who is at greatest risk for receiving poor-quality health care?. New England Journal of Medicine, 354(11), 1147-1156.

      Even third world countries can afford the best equipment and doctors, if they meant to be used to save only rich people. The argument that U.S. is a top leader in medical research is not valid, while it’s true, it has very little to do with the population’s access to healthcare. Have the best equipment means nothing if average people have no access to it.

      But what’s for sure is that countries with universal healthcare generally has better life expectancy and lower infant mortality rate than the U.S. You have to cross-reference the statistics, which I’m pretty sure you can easily look it up for yourself.

      It’s call positive right, which is still a right. And as I said, people’s life DO depends on the healthcare.

    • I willing to bet you cannot prove that. IT is a right according to our US constitution. Unless you are against the US constitution. Sadly people are to sold out for money in the US to actually carry on a logical discussion these types always post and run or ignore. They will continue to stand the way of human progress…thankfully history always has them being beaten in the end.

    • This is the point progressives are making. There is an economic benefit for universal healthcare and in another topic free education. People tend to forget the progressive arm of the US are direct descendants of the Republican Progressives of the late 19th and early 20th century. Theodore Roosevelt and a few others did a lot of good economically for the American people. I mean yea like any new political ideology it makes some mistakes. The whole prohibition and eugenics did not really do the movement any favors.

      I am not against the right in the sense not to listen, but it is getting old having to debunk old myths over and over, and to make matters worse…none of them offer any alternatives.

    • Insurance is just a savings account that everyone has access to and pays into. Why should there be multiple pools of money? why not just have one big pool for the entire nation? Why does there need to be corporation to handle if all it is just a bank account for emergencies? Do you really want to pay a corporation to just hold a bag of money?that is essentially what it boils down to, a corporation that holds your money and takes a little off the top and provides no other services to speak of.

    • And the only reason capitalism produces innovation anymore is patent law and intellectual property laws, both government regulations. So its always the government that’s fostering innovation anyway, technically.

  1. Hi from Sweden, would you Americans prefer ONLY having public healthcare or BOTH having public healthcare and private corporations as an alternative? Personally I´m on the only public side.

    • What are you all saying?
      Even in nations having Universal Healthcare there are private facilities completely free to operate.
      Where do you live, on communist moon?
      Ever heard of Plastic Surgery?!?
      Do you think that the State should pay for boobs implants too?
      Even when you have a public system that covers everybody, that doesn’t mean that it’s illegal to go to a private hospital.
      That would be ridiculous.

    • I am totally fine with private companies doing Boops implants, because it is not a favor that makes a difference between life and death. Plastic surgery I think would be best if private companies develops the technic and then it´s used by the public service. I also pro that superrich people that pays their fair share of taxes should be allowed to employ private doctors to insure their lives.

      Look, all I want is a society were things that peoples LIFE depends on should be government owned, by moral reasons and because a way for private corporations to make more money will always be by making their services less good. You can still start a company in any other services.

      And I would rather live in a fully capitalistic society than Marx ultimate one.

    • I think we need a transition period with both, but the long-term goal should be public only. Frankly, the public healthcare out competes private every time and that’s why the corporatists are so opposed to even a public option being offered. I’m also aware that due to the politics (and insane talking points), having such a transition period is probably the best approach to actually making any progress on this front. That’s why when I went to my republican senator’s town hall (that wasn’t an actual town hall, she couldn’t be bothered to show up and just sent her staff instead), I proposed a public option – a Medicare/Medicaid buy-in.

      Medicare is the more popular one, but frankly it covers less than Medicaid does. And we need expansions to Medicaid as well – it doesn’t cover eye/ear care unless it’s an emergency or part of a larger illness. Medicare doesn’t cover eye/ear/tooth care, which is ridiculous as those three areas are ones where senior citizens (the majority of ppl on Medicare) are most likely to need coverage (aside from their overall health, of course).

    • Under HR 676 Expanded and Improved Medicare for All public healthcare is for preventative and required care. Private corporations provide elective care services (like cosmetic surgery).

  2. “With Jews, you loose. Around blacks, never relax! With whites, you’re alright!” – *Sargon of Akkad*

  3. Put your money where you mouth is everyone. Get these corporate fucks out. Justice Democrats boyyyy!!!!!! bout to drop my first dime on causes like these.

    • Ant Man Charities? the organizations that pocket most of the money donated to them and give the remaining scraps to the people who actually need help? lmfao, you’re literally a mongoloid for thinking “charity” is a viable solution to anything. libertarianism is a failed ideology, and this is precisely why.

    • @Praxis Big charities are garbage, but there are plenty of direct charities that are worth the time. Just like anything you should do your research.

      Libertarianism is the only thing that works. Freestuffism is failing horribly, putting us in massive debt, destroying the family structure, lowering our wages, and attracting rapefugees to come to the west and destroy it.

    • Ant Man You moron! Your entire argument is that WE want free stuff, but the fact is it would not be free to us. It is NOT “freestuffism” if not everyone gets something for free. Keep those contradictions coming!

      The problem with arguing for libertarianism is that there are no examples of a government that was under a sort of system like that, so all you can do is argue ideal “if” scenarios. Oh wait, there WAS actually one government that operated under a form of extremely limited government, and that was… the original 13 states under the articles of confederation, and we all know how that turned out.

    • @Count Deku Define we, I never said who gets the free stuff in freestuffism. Someone gets it, whether or not that is the person who is asking for it idk. I’m there are some poor people asking for the free stuff and there are some well off people asking for free stuff for other people. I never said otherwise.

      You want to know why libertarianism has never had a working government? Because as soon as you introduce voting to a population, they immediately start voting in their own interest. Which causes politicians to start offering up other people’s stuff.

      In an oligarchy the elites run it, in a country with universal suffrage, the poor vote for socialism, and the rich lobby against it.

      Until we find a way to make it impossible to just vote to take away other people’s rights, we will never have a long term government.

      As long as the next government crash isn’t too severe, I expect us to do a better job since that seems to be the direction government’s have been going in. A separation of church and state, and next hopefully we’ll get a separation of the economy and state.

  4. Big fan from the UK Kyle. The NHS (our free on use healthcare system) is a fantastic institution that has saved the lives of many people I know and is consistently voted one of the top healthcare systems in the world. The arguments against a single payer system are thin at best.

    • So fantastic that the UK has just over a 50% survival rate for cancers. Compare that to the USA’s survival rate of 75%.

      If you look at the statistics, the UK has some of the most repulsive survival rates, and if you think that’s bad, wait until you get ahold of UK’s ER care. It’s even worse than Canada’s.

    • Vincent Lloyd.

      Correct. we Canadians show our Health cards to the clinic and hospital desk when we come in to request for assistance. they then check the card run you through the database and then your accepted. its simply a means of the clinics and hospitals to confirm your a legal and registered Canadian citizen so that you indeed can reap the benefits of the single payer system which is paid for via our tax dollars. and it does need to be renewed every now and then. its funny because the very situation happened a few years ago that these cards are meant to stop.

      i went to a hospital with my dad to check up on a family member of ours and we could see a man arguing with the desk manager and it turns out hes a American from Detroit with a serious condition thinking he could just cross the Ambassador bridge into my city of Windsor go to our local hospital and get treated entirely for free. sadly for the guy he was asked for his Ontario Health card or any other form of Canadian health-card form other provinces. and then his reaction was just like “huh….Health-card what do you mean”
      “health-card. the card your given as a Canadian citizen to prove your a citizen and gain the benefits of the free healthcare. do you have one or not?” well he then came clean and then started to argue saying how its a free healthcare system and how he should be treated. one of the guys behind was just like “Ya buddy. Free for Canadian citizens. not anybody who just walks in asking for treatment. you want free healthcare? then become a Canadian citizen yourself and get a registered healthcard. in the mean time stop trying to leech off our tax dollars”

    • TheFallinhalo Sounds like stupid American. If you try to be a leach at lest understand the system that you are trying to leach from.

  5. Single Payer universal healthcare, medicare for all!
    Either that, or let the U.S. die so that a new country can be reconstituted in its place.

    • Stephen Mystery Considering I support a Universal Basic Income (for everyone regardless of their actual income), I fail to see the problem. Of course, I’d love for a lot of the targeted programs like SNAP to go away simply because with a Universal Basic Income, no one should need them anymore. It’s fairly simple.

      I support UBI because we have an upcoming unemployment crisis in the form of automation – the US is projected to lose 38% of jobs by 2030 That’s the sort of unemployment rate that causes nations to collapse and revolutions to occur. And the reason I say that UBI should be for everyone regardless of their income is simply because that would prevent ppl from turning down jobs for fear of losing their current income. It’ll take time for the economy to shift those unemployed workers to sectors that are growing, time that we just don’t have. UBI would give us economic (and political) stability as well as eliminating a lot of those “entitlement” programs that conservatives love to hate. And if everyone receives UBI, then exactly how much fraud could there be? If you are a citizen or a legal resident, you should receive it – you know, all the ppl that pay taxes. Yes, we’d definitely have to change our tax structure a lot to afford a proper UBI for everyone, but for the sake of our nation’s continued existence and stability, I happen to think it’s worth it.

    • IamCancer624

      ever heard of the idea that not everyone carries a Gun? also ever heard of the idea that Police are used for other duties as well. such as pulling over anyone going over the speed limit. helping to stop get away’s. oh high school duty. the high school i went to a few years back here in windsor Ontario. always had a few officers on duty every day to help drag away any teenagers who were being violent. whenever i walked by out the door to grab lunch. id never notice a gun in their holsters. likely due to a rule incase a disgruntled Teen snapped and got super violent. having a gun on premise would just make things even more dangerous.

      Oh yes because putting out a raging fire across the entire house by throwing cups or even handfuls of water from your kitchen sink is so going to work. ignoring the fact that your going to be constantly breathing in toxic fumes that can kill you.

      Not sure how different it is in the US for Postal services. here in Canada i know we pay for the mailing of parcels if your doing it at a local post office. which i have to do today. not sure how its handled for drop in postal boxes like the one down my street.

      Also i find it funny you just so happened to ignore Scarab’s mention’s of Military, roads and bridges. and only chose to work on the Police, fire department, and postal service mentions.

      Nitpick much?

    • IamCancer624 that’s cute, but no I’m saying you need to use gun regulation on a larger scale for it to work

  6. Give universal healthcare to the people will lead to tyranny, but giving more war machine to the military (obviously a government’s forces) lead to more freedom —– Right-wing’s logic.

    What do you think government use to maintain their power? The military, of course, without it, the government is just a group of men in suits.

  7. But Bernie and the Berniebros are racist, sexist, xenophobic, islamophobic, misogynistic homophobes that don’t like Clinton because she’s a woman and they are all Russian puppets!!!11111!

  8. How come people have problems with taking care of each other? Everyone deserves the best healthcare possible!

    Edit: But the rich doesn’t believe we should have single payer so we should just stick with Obama care. And i wonder why i lost….

    • The problem Hilary is good old fashioned greed unfortunately in the case of universal health care its a false ideology as it been proven to be cheaper than private so its a win win pay less and everyone gets health care that sounds like a pretty good ad for a nation that claims to be United.

    • Red Pills: Free.99 I disagree completely. We are all in this together and medical care should be a right for everyone. I am one of the people who will pay more if there is universal healthcare. There is no downside to it. We wont run out of other peoples money as you phrase it and the whole country will be better for it in every way. The ONLY thing we have to be creative about is to find ways of continued funding for medical research and innovation. I am confident that we can do that AND have universal healthcare.

      Transcending survival of the fittest is part of what makes us human and is the fruition of being at the pinnacle of evolution.

    • Making an appeal to logical fallacy with out addressing the argument is a logical fallacy :Fact

      An argument can be an argument and have bad logic :Fact

      Avoiding the argument hiding behind a few “long” words you learn doesn’t make you right. You are a post and run and to protect your identity because you were dumb enough to tie it to an economy model instead of logic and reason is your fault. I address both your points, since they were just attempts ad a few logical terminology you learned from parroting I have fully address what you said.

  9. Healthcare is a right in Australia, in Canada, and in Germany.  It’s our taxes’ money, so we can decide.

    • +Tom McCann The other Countries have a proper or fair tax codes. In the US the have a tax code seem to pay the wealthy. Remove those provisions and stop over spending on your miltary the money is there. The tax dollars are there regardless of population size. Your 330M people ie tax payers would use the dollars to fund healthcare. Just like the rest of the modern countries like Canada, Austrailia, Germany, etc. There is no excuse for your government to not give you healthcare.
      Is it okay to tax you and the rest of the middle class, then use your tax dollars and hand it over to the rich. Does that make sense, what’s your benefit from that? Why pay your tax when that is the system you live under. It’s far better to pay your tax and allocate it for the rest of the country not the wealthy class. Kyle is right, you have to fight for it. Your political system is broken and is only set up for one group of people and you ain’t part of that brother.

    • OR how about you just give me back my taxes and let me spend them how I wish? I’d prefer that. Or let me use alternative currency and avoid the fiat system?

  10. I mean come on, private health insurance makes perfect sense. Remember when private fire departments were such a good idea and everyone liked it?
    Pepperidge Farm remem… wait…

    • There are some things that the free market and private sector are just NOT good at. In the same way there are things the government absolutely sucks at as well. However, far RW Cons and Libertards can’t see that, blinded by their deification of unfettered corporate greed and desire to make every human venue a way to milk profit from!

    • “Infrastructure, utilities, public transportation, healthcare, education,
      housing, medicine, even scientific advancements, technology, and
      engineering are much better created by a state or at least by
      publicly-funded institutions (Like Public Universities, Research labs,
      the military, and medicare.)”

      Not really.

      Of course, public institutions are much better at providing the things
      you need if they are more accountable to the people, rather than
      corporations. ”

      I will agree with that. That happens when you lose control of the government which is why we need more local government. Also, when you allow government to give you things you need then you give them power.

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