Medicare For All Polls: Senate Democrats Lagging Behind Voters

TYT Politics Contributor David Sirota ( ) discusses the gap that exists between what Democratic voters want and what Democratic representatives want. Democratic voters want Medicare For All.

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Medicare For All Polls: Senate Democrats Lagging Behind Voters

30 thoughts on “Medicare For All Polls: Senate Democrats Lagging Behind Voters

  1. Cheaper, better coverage for everyone. No brainer for anyone who actually understands the idea. Unless they’re bought. So you know they’re bought. This is not representative government.

    • Republicans in every civilized country in the world support Health Care as a right except for America.
      Whats up with that?

    • i agree the op kingdom we should go back to a free market system since it’s cheaper with better coverage for everyone. Competition drives prices down and the government intervening in the market is what is causing the problems.

      As for Soviet style medicare for all, it didn’t work then, it won’t work now, the government can’t even take care of a few million Veterans through the VA, what chance do they have covering 330,000,000 people?

    • MidScream1 the most liked medical insurance in the USA is medicare, veterans, and medicaid. Your cheaper better coverage leaves many to die. We want what the rest of the civilized world has, Medicare for All.

    • It’s also broke David… And I would really speak to a real veteran if I were you. The VA is so poorly run by the gubmint that they can’t even take care of our few million vets let alone 330,000,000 million US citizens. And LoL “Your cheaper better coverage leaves many to die”? If it’s better and cheaper what does worse and more expensive do? Does worse and more expensive save lives David?

  2. A fair amount Democratic politicians don’t want Medicare For All because they’re gonna lose out on all those sweet donations from the healthcare industry. High time to get their asses out of office because the establishment clearly doesn’t work or care for the American people.

    • RoughneckMP The establishment are globalists put in since 1913 to crash the nation for world government. One nationalist wont save the country. It will fall by 2040.

  3. I called & emailed both my DE senators who support ACA as it is & did not endorse Bernie’s medicare for all. I am done with the dems. Everyone needs to dem-exit to join Green Party.

  4. If the democrats run another corporate lackey and don’t get rid of the Politburo styled Superdelegates, I’ll still go vote for the local ballot measures and candidates but I’ll leave the POTUS blank. In my state I can only vote for a Libertarian, Republican or democrat.

  5. Most establishment democrats need to go. Their thinking is skewed. These quasi-progressives failed to recognize the populist sentiments of the electorate and treated Bernie like a joke. Franken, Pelosi, Murray, Cantwell, Shumer and so on and so on. Bernie is carrying the Dem party and he should be thanked.

    • p craig If they backed Bernie, their jobs would be toast. The Clintons installed the Dixie Mafia in all DC organizations since 1990. Study the Clinton “86 plan” that was their goal for America. Larry Nichols named it “progressive” so voters wouldnt know it was communism.

  6. Even the V.P. admitted to people in Alaska yesterday saying that if the repeal of Obamacare fails, we’re going to have the same kind of healthcare Canada has. One can only hope.

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