Medicare for All: Overcoming the Opposition

A discussion about political strategy, featuring:
Mark Dudzic, National Coordinator, Labor Campaign for Single-Payer
Dr. Roona Ray, Board Member and Fellow, Physicians for a National Health Program (Metro NY Chapter)
Tim Faust, Healthcare Advocate and NYC-DSA member
Moderated by Sarah Leonard, Features Editor at The Nation

Sponsored by the DSA Political Education Working Group (Brooklyn) and the NYC-DSA Socialist Feminist Working Group. At Verso Books in Brooklyn, November 12, 2017.


Momentum has been building in support of Medicare-for-All in recent months, but the Left must be clear and realistic about the obstacles to enacting meaningful reform. We must ask: who are the powerful interests arrayed against Medicare-for-All, and how can we most effectively confront—and ultimately overcome—their opposition? To that end, we've assembled a panel of labor activists, healthcare professionals, and socialist political thinkers to shed light on the opposition to Medicare-for-all and to strategize about how to achieve a just and universal healthcare system.

Join NYC-DSA for an evening of discussion and debate on these topics as we prepare for our campaign to make adequate healthcare a reality for working people all over the country.

Medicare for All: Overcoming the Opposition

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