Medicare For All Litmus Test Time?

TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton ( ) gives us an update on the Trumpcare senate bill, which a lot of senate republicans are refusing to sign. Jordan gives us the breakdown.

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Medicare For All Litmus Test Time?

28 thoughts on “Medicare For All Litmus Test Time?

    • Supreme Koch brothers will never allow Republicans to vote single payer. No progress will be made if you get eight more years of a Republican POTUS.

    • Supreme Interesting that so many countries can provide medical care. But our country that has been bought by elite rich and an unknown number of Russians…they must have ALL the money…
      Too many traitors to count.

  1. Trump will not sit with any democrats, he doesn’t even like to sit with his own party! Trump doesn’t like to use his brain, too much work!

    • The internet is now out of it’s box.
      We the people will work around this. The 99.9% control the net regardless of what the ISPs say. With 99.9% support we could buy an ISP and EVERYONE becomes a customer. ‘People’s ISP’ destroys all other in market. Political power, technology, money etc is becoming decentralised giving the power to the majority NOT the 0.1%. The Establishment is falling apart in the west and they’re trying to grab what they can get before the party is over. Will get a little bit worse before it gets better.

  2. There are plenty of issues that have bipartisan support from voters. The tough part is browbeating the politicians and the media into supporting them. A candidate who supports single payer, is anti-war and supports a big infrastructure plan should roll opponents regardless of party.

  3. it’s time. Settle this fricking medical issue so it doesn’t keep coming back. If you give everyone in this country Healthcare you will never be able to take it away. End it now Democrats!

  4. I do think that Medicare for All should be a litmus test for whether or not someone gets any support. To support the market based approach is to declare you think that it is proper and acceptable for people to be ripped off and abused sometimes to the point of death by powerful corporations.

  5. The only reason it won’t pass under President Trumps is this: He didn’t think of it. It wasn’t his idea. He will let his ego get in the way and instead of pass something great and let himself run off as a president that made an important decision, he will reject it because it wasn’t his idea.

    • Technically he has supported it in the past in an interview when he said that he wants everyone to have healthcare and that it would be funded by the government. Maybe they could get him to support a medicaid for all plan and then in the future that could be expanded to medicare for all.

  6. Jordon, we don’t need to raise taxes on anyone to fund medicare for all. We have been told lies by mainstream media and elected officials in saying that we are broke or can’t afford it that is not true. A government that is monetarily sovereign which is the sole issuer of the currency, can NEVER go broke or run out of money. Taxes don’t fund anything a the federal level, the spending comes first. Congress is the sole authority that can authorize the fed to issuer the currency through keystrokes into account for whatever purpose it is needed for. It is just credited, into that account. Taxes are needed to drive demand of the currency and help with price stability/inflation. Please check out Stephanie Kelton (Bernie sanders economic advisor) on you tube called angry birds. Goes into debt, deficit, inflation, and taxes.

    • Steve Grumbine of Real Progressives did a good workshop on MMT at the Green Party Annual National Meeting a few days ago, which can be seen on his youtube channel. Jordan should get him on to explain how it works.

  7. Thanks for not losing track of what matters to regular folks, Jordan. Wish we had people like you everywhere, including the MSM.

  8. I’m sorry, but I love brussell sprouts, and I like broccoli. More like Dems are boogers, and Repubs are turds.

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