40 thoughts on “Medicare For All

  1. Bernie i have met you 3 times in the great state of vermont and you say
    what you mean and you mean what you say. Bernie can lead us to better times
    with his ideas but most importantly the way he cares about the american

    • +GEORGE EPIC GOODHUE Very true but we will also need to elect a House and
      Senate that will actually work with him as well or else we won’t see much
      from his presidency.

    • I remeber before I could vote I would watch cspan and see Bernies vote. His
      vote was clearly seen by all. I wish this accountability could be shared by
      all elected officals. We need to do more as voters than watch ads on tv. We
      need to deep dive and look at the record. Then and only then will we have
      elected officals who are aligned with our ideals.

    • +Jason King And how are you going to get that healthcare? Is it just going
      to magically appear from thin air?

  2. As usual, Bernie speaks the truth. Obamacare is a step in the right
    direction but it still maintains the stranglehold of the profit motive over
    our healthcare system. The solution is single payer medicare for all.

    • +sevven1 Since I last checked…. Sweden has free medicare, and from next
      year… kids gonna have free medicin up to 20 years of age, basic
      eyeglasses is also gonna be free…. and I can’t find Stalin and Mao in
      this country at all…. so think beyond your nose before you write next

    • +David Örnberg Err.. It was sarcasm, David……… So, perhaps it’s *you*
      who should “think beyond your nose before you write next time.”

    • +David Örnberg No problem. Sorry for replying with scorn too………
      *Let me be clear*, I fully support Bernie Sanders and his efforts to make
      single payer healthcare available to all Americans.
      ; )

    • +Günther Lehmann But isn’t the German Medicare limited in what it covers?
      My boss is a native German, and she says that it doesn’t cover everything
      and that specialists won’t touch it, so you end up having to buy private
      health insurance anyway to pick up up services that the State insurance
      won’t cover.

    • +Lee Cox “For persons who have opted out of the public health insurance
      system to get private health insurance, it can prove difficult to
      subsequently go back to the public system, since this is only possible
      under certain circumstances, for example if they are not yet 55 years of
      age and their income drops below the level required for private selection.
      Since private health insurance is usually more expensive than public health
      insurance, the higher premiums must then be paid out of a lower income.
      During the last twenty years private health insurance became more and more
      expensive and less efficient compared with the public insurance.”

  3. Why is there only TWO (Bernie, Elizabeth) who are genuinely caring, clear
    minded people in the US government? What the hell happened? Where is the
    balance in the universe?

  4. I hope this guy wins the nomination to become the democratic candidate for
    2016 then wins the presidential race from what I know their is no other
    working politician who has the same beliefs as me other than Bernie
    Sanders. Let’s all hope he wins.

  5. Bernie Sanders: healthcare for everybody
    Fox news: He is killing the people!!!!!!
    Bernie Sanders: We should let the Middle East take lead against ISIS
    Fox news: He is anti-american. Kill all muslims!!!!!!
    Bernie Sanders: Corporations should pay their fair share of taxes
    Fox news: Corporation are people too. The poor are going to take
    Bernie Sanders: We should focus on the middle class.
    Fox news: Class warfare. MOOCHERS are coming!!!!!!
    Bernie Sanders: We should raise the minimum wage
    Fox news: People should work harder. Lazy fucks!!!!!!!
    Bernie Sanders: We should address the race issue
    Fox news: Huh, what is that???????

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