Medicare Explained – Medicare Made Clear

Medicare Explained / Medicare Made Clear

In this video I describe the different parts of Medicare, Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D. I give a brief description of each part along with the costs. Medicare Made Clear will give you the basics of what you need to know when signing up for Medicare when you are turning 65. I go over the deductible of Part A, which is a per benefit period deductible. The Part B deductible which is a yearly deductible is also explained. Part C is a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Health Plan and I explain the basics of where to get it and what it includes. Part D is explained on what some plans carry and how the costs and overages differ.

Table of Contents:

00:00 – Introduction
00:12 – The Parts of Medicare Explained
00:29 – Medicare Part A Intro
00:43 – Medicare Part B Intro
01:18 – Medicare Part C Intro
01:32 – Medicare Part D Intro
01:59 – Part A Explained
03:25 – Part B Explained
05:43 – Part C Explained
06:23 – Part D Explained

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Loran Marmes
Medicare Solutions Team

Medicare Explained- Medicare Made Clear

Medicare Explained – Medicare Made Clear

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