15 thoughts on “Medicare Enrollment : How to Enroll in Medicare the Easy Way

    • You pay for Medicare Part A through payroll taxes your working life. If you’ve worked 40 quarters in the US you qualify for Part A and there is no additional premium.

    • Just give them a quick call! You only need to ask if they accept Part B Medicare. If they do, they’ll take any Medicare supplement plan as well.

  1. Thank you thank you thank you! Super easy I searched how to enroll and you came up, so easy. I need a medigap plan now and so will my husband in December. I will call you next week

    • Hi Joyce, you can actually switch now if you like as Medigap plans don’t run on a calendar year basis. Give us a call when you can and we’ll see which company is the best fit for you. 1-888-891-0229

  2. When can I enroll in Medicare my birthday is september 23rd of this year and I’m still going to continue working

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