Medicare Eligible but Still Working – What Do You Do?

Medicare Eligible but Still Working – What Do You Do?
Turning 65 – should you start Medicare?
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If you are turning 65 and will be eligible for Medicare but are still working with group health insurance – what do you do?
It is important to understand how to handle your Medicare choices and the differences where you work may make.
In this video I will show you what to do if you are Medicare eligible but still working.

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Medicare Eligible but Still Working – What Do You Do?

20 thoughts on “Medicare Eligible but Still Working – What Do You Do?

  1. I have Humana Medicare dental. I live in Atlanta and cannot find a dentist that accepts this insurance unless it’s a PPO.

    • I think there’s a song… oohhh Sherrie… Good news is if you are going to continue working for a while you may be able to stop Part B and restart when you retire. I would advise you give Medicare a call. 1-800-medicare. I hope it all works out for you! – Keith

  2. I work for very large company in Washington State and having good plan. I am turning 65 in September, but planning to work till 70. Do I need to do something (to avoid some penalty) right now? Thank you.

    • Hi Sompone! If you are going to stay on your group health insurance just make sure your Medicare Part B does not start until you retire. You should receive your Medicare card in the mail and it will show the dates of Part A and Part B. No worries about Part A – only Part B. I hope that helps! – Keith

  3. I turned 65, and wanted to retire the following month. Although there is a 7 month window in your IEP, (Initial Enrollment Period), I was not able to start Part B the 2nd month. I could either start coverage the month after that, or the month after my 65th birthday. They told me the IEP takes precedence over the SEP (Special Enrollment Period). Even my Medicare broker wasn’t up to speed on this. Now I have both large group coverage and one month of Part B overlap. So confusing

  4. I turn 65 in Aug and a few weeks ago I signed up for Medicare Part A & B… and I’m covered by my company (Large co) group plan. I plan to retire at the end of the this year Late Dec 2019. After watching this video (very good I might add) you clearer state I should NOT have signed up for Part B. Question, How do I cancel/stop Part B and then sign up again in Dec 2019? Thanks Mark

    • Hi Mark! Correct – if you are staying on your group plan you DO NOT want Part B to start. Contact Social Security 800-772-1213 and tell them you do not want it to start until you leave your group plan. I hope all works out! – Keith

    • Thanks Keith… you and team the best… I’m working with Laurel C for my supplements when it’s time Thanks again

  5. I have been watching Keith’s videos for over three years now leading up to my turning 65 in December.  Just like this video, all of his videos have provided me with a much clearer picture of how I should manage my health care (whether it be Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Part D Drug Plan or any other such as vision, hearing and dental) after turning 65 since I work with an organization with less than 20 employees.  I have found Keith and his Associates to be very helpful in guiding me to “my date” in December!

  6. Thanks for this video series Keith – I have learned a lot about my options for Medicare, Supplements, and other choices.
    Have recently used your information line to speak with Julia, and she provided info more tailored to my specific situation. This is one of the best resources for Medicare information and assistance I have seen!

  7. I am 65 and on my companies high deductible HSA plan, I did not sign up for Medicare. I am planning on waiting 6 months after I make my last contribution to a HSA. Is that okay?

  8. My employer had less than 20 employee’s so when I turned 65 I signed up for both A & B, and I stayed on the group plan, just had a Physcial and they told me at the Dr.’s office that the group plan would be primary and Medicare would be secondary, either way I wasn’t billed for it. Now I’m completely off the group plan and have my secondary through Keith, wish I would have found him sooner!

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