Medicare Basics: Intro to Medicare

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Hi there! My name is Robb Rothrock, and my goal is to take a confusing topic, Medicare, and break it down into a series of easy to follow steps.

So, through some short videos and articles, we’ll cover the basics of Medicare, show you how to find a Prescription PDP (Part D) plan, go over enrollment options, deadlines and penalties, and discuss Medicare Supplements (Medigap).

Here’s what else: We will create a personal Medicare Action Plan, just for you. First, we’ll help you determine if you can delay Medicare enrollment, and if not, develop a timeline on the steps needed to make the transition to Medicare. We’ll look at your current prescriptions, help you find the correct Part D drug plan, make sure your current doctors accept Medicare, and provide Medicare Supplement quotes for Plan G and Plan F. We will facilitate your enrollment into the company of your choice, and finally, we will be here, year-round, should you need assistance after the fact.

And here’s the best part: this won’t cost you anything. Our compensation comes from the insurance company, and whether you choose to work with us, someone else, or go direct, you will pay the same amount in premium. We’ve been helping folks for years, and we can do the same for you. Check out what our clients had to say…

Robb Rothrock

Medicare Basics: Intro to Medicare

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