Medicare Basics Explained – What is Medicare?

In this video I explain the basics of Medicare, or Medicare 101 if you will. For those turning 65 or new to Medicare this video will explain the following:

What are the different parts of Medicare?
Medicare Part A
Medicare Part B
Medicare Part C – Medicare Advantage
Medicare Part D
Part D late enrollment penalty
Medicare costs
How to sign up for Medicare
Compare Medicare Supplements to Medicare Advantage
What is a Medigap Policy? (Medicare Supplement)
Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans
Medicare Supplement Plan F
Medicare Supplement Plan G
Medicare Supplement Plan N
Plan F vs Plan G
When is the best time to buy a Medigap Policy?
Open Enrollment Period
Is Medicare Minimum Essential Coverage
What's not covered by Part A and Part B?
Long Term Care

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Medicare Basics Explained – What is Medicare?

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