Medicare Annual Wellness Visits for Primary Care

Medicare Annual Wellness Visits for Primary Care:

• In this video, we’re going to talk about annual wellness visits for Medicare patients.
• You will learn:
• How Wellness Visits came to exist
• How wellness visits can increase the revenue of your practice while
improving the quality of care you provide to your patients. • The difference between a wellness visit and a physical exam • … and much more.
• M Force shows you how to prosper in your practice by doing the right thing
• Make sure you watch to the very end of this video where we reveal how you can make thousands from Medicare simply by doing the things you’re probably already doing in your practice.
*** And don’t try just skipping to the end. It won’t make any sense unless you get the whole story. So, let’s get started…

Medicare Annual Wellness Visits for Primary Care

Medicare Annual Wellness Visits for Primary Care

6 thoughts on “Medicare Annual Wellness Visits for Primary Care

  1. As an FNP student  who expects to be practicing within the next year, I appreciate this you tube video.  Learning about accountable care organizations and how following these simple steps can improve the way we care for our patients and recoup revenue for our practices.  Thank you for sharing!

    • Oh please — that’s silly. Our whole healthcare system is so siloed that we desperately need the primary care looking over the whole patient. We spend $10,000/ year on every Medicare beneficiary– most completely uncoordinated, and a lot unnecessary because patient goes to emergency room and is admitted at $4000/day.

    • Answer the question: is all this personal wellness information “asked” or “demanded” of patients?  Can’t seem to get a straight answer on this point.

  2. Does all this awv protocol (i.e., getting patient’s detailed medical history, psychological assessments, and so forth) seem like a gross invasion of patient privacy? Are patients ASKED for all this information, or is this information DEMANDED of them? Thanks, Obamacare, for discounting patient preference. Again, all about $$$$.

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