Medicare Annual Enrollment Period 2014 Call 888-801-9097

Description of Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, the changes that you are allowed to make, including enrolling and disenrolling from Medicare Supplements , Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Part D plans or Medicare RX.

7 thoughts on “Medicare Annual Enrollment Period 2014 Call 888-801-9097

  1. with this trial period, they have to have had a SUPP since they had
    medicare A and B for the first time (qualified for SUPP). They have 6
    months to join SUPP when they have part A but their part B starts for the
    first time for guaranteed issue. If they have always had that SUPP but
    choose a MAPD for w/e reason they have trial to go back to SUPP with the
    issue right.

  2. If you buy a SUPP originally with your medicare first… #5: (Trial Right)
    You dropped a Medigap policy to join a Medicare Advantage Plan (or to
    switch to a Medicare SELECT policy) for the first time; you have been in
    the plan less than a year, and you want to switch back.

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