One thought on “Medicare Agent Training Webinar

  1. Open letter to Doctor David Belk

    You advocate people only having original medicare. To the
    point. Part A deductible is 1288 in 2016. 60 days after leaving the
    It’s a new 1288. 3 – 4 part A deductibles are possible in any given year.
    than 1 is not an irrational consideration. Part B deductible is 166 dollars
    year. After this 20% is owed for each out patient surgery. EVERY surgery.
    if there are multiple surgeries in any given year? What about chemo? Whether
    part A or B coverage, this is real expense we are talking here at 20%?
    as people age into medicare, that is the ONLY time that they can acquire a
    supp in lieu of medical underwriting. Said another way, after age 65, if
    are sick their only option for the rest of their lives may only be original
    medicare or a medicare advantage plan with limited provider options and more
    annual out of pocket.

    Above is a cogent link. It appears that Doctor Belk, in our opinion, has a
    preoccupation that borders on obsession to the point where it alienates his
    We would humbly submit that any self respecting insurance broker should
    share this post wherever possible as Doctor Belk has and continues to share
    his opinions.

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