Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement (Medigpap) or Medicare Advantage – which is better for YOU? Medicare beneficiaries should know which option gives them the best access to care at the best cost.

You may do better with Original Medicare and a Medigap Policy and your neighbor may get a better deal with a Medicare Advantage policy (part C of Medicare). The crucial question involves how much time you will spend away from the servicing area of your Medicare Advantage provider.

One thought on “Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement

  1. @therohanicelf Did you know that Medicare is subsidized by the private
    health insurance companies? The government doesn’t pay doctors market value
    for their services when a Medicare recipient gets medical care. This forces
    them to charge more to their non-Medicare patients. This means that
    insurance companies that insure non-Medicare patients pay more than they
    would have otherwise. This has a significant impact on the premiums that
    the companies charge in the under-65 market.

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