Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement Insurance

You have many options for senior health insurance. When choosing an insurance plan for life after 65, you have the option of Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Both options have benefits, but overall Medicare Supplement Plans have more to offer than Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Advantage has low costs up front, but over time you could actually pay more for forgoing the Supplement plan option.

Medicare Advantage Plans have minimal expenses initially. You can receive benefits for virtually nothing. But you know what they say…"you get what you pay for…" Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage through provider networks so while you have a low cost for insurance, you can also expect a limited selection of providers and potentially high costs later due to coverage restrictions.

Here is what you get with a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan…

-No provider networks – freedom to to go to any provider that accepts Medicare. Including specialists and quality facilitates that may be pivotal for keeping you healthy.

-Easy to budget – you know what your healthcare cost will be every month

-Automatically adjusts to changes in Medicare – Medicare has changed every year since 1967 and you will not have to worry about changes

-Guaranteed renewable for Life – can never be canceled or taken away as long as premiums are being paid.

-No Copays – No out of pocket expenses for services

-No time or dollar limits

Medicare Advantage plans are a good option for some people, but if you would like the most comprehensive coverage, Medicare Supplement Insurance is the way to go.
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