Medicare Advantage Vs. Medicare Supplement – An Unbiased Comparison

Comparing Medicare Supplement Insurance with Medicare Advantage Plans, and weighing the pros and cons of each.
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Medicare Advantage Vs. Medicare Supplement – An Unbiased Comparison

11 thoughts on “Medicare Advantage Vs. Medicare Supplement – An Unbiased Comparison

  1. Sounds like Part D with Medigap is better than an “Advantage” plan restricting doctors, needing referrals, more out of pocket pay…hmm

    • Martin Jimenez it depends on your needs, preferences and your budget. Medigap plans do give you more freedom to choose your own providers and usually your out of pocket medical costs are lower overall. However you do pay a higher monthly premium for Medigap in general, and advantage plans are usually priced lower. It’s important to know the pros and cons of each option! I’d be happy to help if you have any other questions.

    • Yes it does. That’s because she doesn’t work for an HMO. Advantage plans are her competition. Seeking an unbiased opinion is a frustrating endeavor. In fact, I tend to believe that it is quite possibly impossible.

    • funstruck1 Actually I do work with both types of plans, not just Medicare Supplements. I am an independent broker who helps folks with many different types of Medicare Plans, including Medicare Advantage HMOs.

    • Abt Insurance Agency I stand corrected. I just retired leaving my employers plan and will be 66 in October. Since the month or two prior to turning 65 till now I have become overwhelmingly frustrated with “buyers remorse” before I buy. Finding advice that is not repetitive and contains the answers that I seek feels like I do when trying to find a yes or no answer on the internet. I am now at the point of just needing to do something, anything. I had assumed that there was more money to be made in supplements and a little research leads me to believe that I was wrong. And I wasn’t thinking that the values I believe in about good, honest service still exist. However, for me that does not justify my uneducated assumptions about you. I apologise. ✌

    • funstruck1 thank you for that reply! I hear all the time from my clients that they feel overwhelmed, and find it hard to get the straight answers they’re looking for. I pride myself on giving honest, unbiased information. If you ever have any questions, I’d be more than happy to help. You can feel free to call or email me at [email protected]. Your information is always kept private and secure and you will never be “sold” anything. Thank you again for watching.

  2. I am 61 and on disability. I was told that I would not qualify to buy a medigap plan and if I kept my r/w/b card, I would be responsible for lots of out of pocket. My best and only option, in this person that called me said, is to get an advantage plan. I am coming off medicaid and will have Medicare only. Is that information correct? Also, I am on SLMB with my helping hands. Do I need to buy from my state since I get that helping hand?

    • It depends on your area- in some locations Medicare Supplement plans are not offered to folks under 65 on Medicare, or the options could be more limited. If that’s the case in your area then you may want to get on a Medicare Advantage Plan in order to help cap your out of pocket Medicare costs. What is your zip code?

      Additionally once you turn 65 you’ll have a new Medicare Supplement “open enrollment period “ when you can qualify for any Medigap plan you’d like without any medical underwriting if you’d like to switch back to original Medicare at that time and add a Supplement.
      If you ever have any questions please let me know! [email protected]

    • There are Medicare Supplements available to people under 65 in your area, but the rates are higher than they would be if you were 65 +. For example, a Plan N Medicare Supplement would be over $200/month for you currently, while the rates for the same Plan N for a 65 year old start at about $78/month. Depending on your needs and your budget you may want to consider a Medicare Advantage Plan as an alternative. Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to get you some more specific information about your options.

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