Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement 2018

So which plan is right for you? Which plan fits your budget and healthcare needs. In Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement 2018 we discuss your options and give you suggestions of what might work best for you and why. Please visit our site at or call 800-708-5810 for additional information.

How to Find the Best Medicare Plan; Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement 2018

6 thoughts on “Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement 2018

    • Sandy Bayes you are very welcome. Annual Enrollment starts October 15. Call me at 800-708-5810 and I can help you look at your options free of charge.

    • Tilly Mutsaers thank you so much for watching. I try to provide my seniors with lots of free resources. Please like and subscribe. Share with friends. You never know who else has questions.

    • Exactly, if you want a Supplement you need to get it while you are healthy. The reason you may not qualify later is the policies are underwritten, but you should really consult with me because you may still be able to get a Supplement with certain illnesses. Just remember, the Insurance Company who provides Supplements, usually pays everything Medicare does not. Medicare Advantage has an annual out of pocket that varies between $5000-$6800 per year. Medicare Supplements do not have networks, Medicare Advantage do.

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