Medicare Advantage Travel Benefits: HMO Secrets 2019

Medicare Advantage enrollees traveling out of state? There is something you can do with several great carriers to keep them in network, their co-pays low, and keep them very happy! Watch to find out how!

This video breaks down our HMO Secrets for Medicare Advantage Travel Benefits and will help you better serve your clients and their specific needs. Several companies offer plans in the Medicare Advantage market such as United Healthcare with the Passport Plan, Aetna with the Explorer Plan, but some don’t such as Cigna.

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Medicare Advantage Travel Benefits: HMO Secrets 2019

42 thoughts on “Medicare Advantage Travel Benefits: HMO Secrets 2019

  1. Programs like Passport with UHC puts the client at ease when traveling. My grandparents are becoming snowbirds and LOVE the peace of mind when switching on their Passport.

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