Medicare Advantage Stories: A Daughter’s Perspective

Families count on Medicare Advantage because it works. Watch Phyllis' story to learn more.

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I moved to Texas when I was 2.

Mother’s lived in this home for probably 35 years, and she’s 91.

She gets around very well but she does have arthritis and she wears a pacemaker. She’s had back surgery, hysterectomy, many things over the years.

My mother is on a fixed income and she was on regular Medicare with a supplement, and having to pay monthly, and she was looking for ways to cut back on some of her costs.

We had heard about the Medicare Advantage Plan and looked into it.

The second full year she was on it was when did get sick and was hospitalized. That required a 5-day hospital stay, rehab after that and then some home healthcare.

As sick as she was, that she was able to recover so fast. You would never know that she could have almost died.

She’s alive because of the quality of care.

It gives me a lot of peace just knowing that my mother has quality insurance and quality care, quality doctors and hospitals.

When you get to be 91, I would imagine there’s probably a lot of people that might worry if they have enough to live out their life on, but I feel like with this type of plan that we don't have to worry about a medical situation coming up that she couldn't handle, and that's even on a fixed income.

My father died when my first child was just one but she’s been able to just do all the usual things that grandparents get to do with their grandchildren, and that's been wonderful.

My children are gone now and grown, so I get to spend my time with my mom.

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