Medicare Advantage News | BCBS Anthem Gives Away Free “LifeAlert” Personal Emergency Response System

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Anthem Blue Cross Gives Medicare Advantage Members in California Access to Personal Emergency Response System

Anthem Blue Cross in California (Anthem) will provide its members access to a personal emergency response system (PERS) in many of Anthem’s 2018 Medicare Advantage plans, at no additional charge. The PERS can give members, their families, and their loved ones peace of mind should they fall or need emergency assistance when they’re home alone.

The Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) began October 15, 2017, and continues through December 7, 2017…

“Giving our members access to a personal emergency response system is part of our continued commitment to helping our members live the life they’ve earned,” said Josh Martin, Medicare president of Anthem’s West region. “The system will help give our members the ability to maintain their independence and delay, or possibly eliminate, the need to utilize assisted living services.”

With the PERS, when an individual contacts the service by pushing a button located on a neck pendant or wrist band, representatives from the service will try to contact the member to identify the kind of assistance needed. Depending on the results of that outreach, the PERS representative may contact a designated caregiver, a clinician, or local emergency services.

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Medicare Advantage News | BCBS Anthem Gives Away Free "LifeAlert" Personal Emergency Response System


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