Medicare Advantage Cuts in Senate Health Care Reform Legislation

Congressman Lungren talks about the cuts to Medicare Advantage contained in the Senate health care reform legislation and the negative impact that would have on the 42,000 seniors in California's Third Congressional District who are currently enrolled in Medicare Advantage as the only private insurance option in Medicare.

One thought on “Medicare Advantage Cuts in Senate Health Care Reform Legislation

  1. Let us not forget that Obamacare is 100% about PRIVATE OPTIONS which a
    person MUST purcase. They are destroying the private options for SENIORS
    and forcing everyone else INTO private insurance. The fact is that medicare
    offers NO real protection against catastrofic costs. Medicare advantage
    DOES protect the insured. Medical insurance is not perfect, as the video
    says: but government run insurance such as medicare is WORSE as things
    currently exist in the US.

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