Medica$h? Don’t you mean Medicare? | Economic Fairness | GetUp! Australia

Charging people twice to see their GP? That's just sick.

Prime Minister Abbott wants to stand between you and your GP by introducing a $7 copayment every time you need to see the doctor. Pensioners, families, young people and those who already suffer with poor health are going to be the hardest hit.

We don't want Medicare to turn into an American-style health system which discriminates based on wealth: Join the campaign to protect medicare now, and tell our leaders that the Sick Tax is political poison:

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Medica$h? Don't you mean Medicare? | Economic Fairness | GetUp! Australia

28 thoughts on “Medica$h? Don’t you mean Medicare? | Economic Fairness | GetUp! Australia

    • I what way is it misleading? Sure there is a bit of creative license, but in essence this is what it all boils down to. 

    • +DeadDancers … that bit is supposed to be a bit of comedy.  People listen to entertaining messages rather than boring statistics “Over one year the average household will have to pay an extra blah blah blah”.  

    • Yeah and I’ve liked this woman in prior skits doing similarly exaggerated things but in this one… I dunno, it really comes off as making a mountain out of a molehill and that, I think, just damages the message.

  1. Brilliant. Tells it like it is. Not everybody has an endless supply of cash or credit. Especially those who rely on Medicare and the PBS the most.

  2. In regards to the government’s “chip in idea” – They ll start with a little bit, and will increase the charge every year or two due to inflation, hole in the budget, etc. Until medicare becomes unaffordable for too many people. Then it will be public outcry, government crisis and so on. As we all know, governments hate lowering taxes or abolishing them. I know it may sound scary but that’s how it usually works. Better say NO to them now.

  3. This sort of tax will push people to try alternative remedies for their own and children’s health and that leads  to more awareness of what is really making them sick. It was  tongue in cheek  about  which child would get sick.

  4. Don’t you just love the noise that the liberals made about taxes that hit polluters and miners (which they’re abolishing), but instead choose to tax everyone else? Awesome. The hypocrisy of it is just depressing . I just hope the voters remember this in 2 years time

  5. People who work in admin at GP clinics have to deal with people who are sick and upset and stressed on a daily basis. Do we really need to pick on them to make a point?

  6. I thought the video was clever, but agree with introducing the copayment. We may not want to have a health system like America, but we also don’t want to be in debt like them

  7. It’s 7 dollars. It’s time that people take responsibility for their own transactions. We live in a capitalist society

  8. Not only is this disgusting, dishonest propaganda, but it’s also plagiarism from ANZ’s ads. Did you have their permission to use their ideas?

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