Marchant Calls Attention to Impact of Obamacare’s Medicare Advantage Cuts

2 thoughts on “Marchant Calls Attention to Impact of Obamacare’s Medicare Advantage Cuts

  1. “Do any repubs ever read anything put before them????????????????”

    You erroneously think that that is a bad thing. I think they did read it
    and know better than you what is good and what is bad and refused to
    “extend medicare”. David, did not Obama and the Democrats CUT medicare as
    part of Obamacare? So, medicare is ALREADY cut by the Democrats before it
    even get’s a chance to get to Texas, but that is OK right David? Apparently
    so because you are complaining about that, which means YOU REALLY DON’T
    CARE ABOUT MEDICARE IN THE FIRST PLACE. The bottom line is that you are a
    liberal and anything the Democrats do is good, including cutting 500
    billion from Medicare, and anything the Republicans do is bad.

    And sorry David, getting “fed funds” isn’t everything. In other words, you
    are whining that Texas isn’t giving the federal government a way to force
    it’s corrupt and incompetent ways on to Texas, including forcing
    responsibilities that are unfunded and that states cannot afford. And where
    do you think the money at the federal government comes from? You think
    they have a money tree there? They don’t. All the money they have comes
    from you. Yet the federal government is way over spent and in massive
    debt, yet you want those incompetent people, the Democrats, who have
    bankrupted every thing they have gotten a hold of (just look at California
    or better, Detroit) to have undue influence on our state. If you don’t
    like it, move to Detroit. You will get what you want Texas to be there.
    And aren’t the Democrats saying “No” to the Republicans trying to repeal
    Obamacare? But that’s ok if the DEMOCRATS say “No” but not Republicans.
    In other words, it isn’t that the Republicans are the party of “No” or that
    they didn’t read it, it is that you are not able to comprehend what is good
    and what is bad.

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