Local Agent or Independent Agent for the Best Medigap Plan when Turning 65

Free independent help for Medicare Supplement plans. We can not only find the best plan, but EASILY get you enrolled with expert advice, support, and follow up.

Want a second opinion on that Medigap plan you were sold when you turned 65? Our service doesn't cost you a dime and we show you EVERY carrier available to save you the most money.


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Local Agent or Independent Agent for the Best Medigap Plan when Turning 65

2 thoughts on “Local Agent or Independent Agent for the Best Medigap Plan when Turning 65

  1. Interesting. My question…it seems like Big Companies whose names we recognize due to their Big advertising budget probably HAVE TO charge more to offset that expense. In your experience, is there a downside for a consumer who buys from a small unknown company like risk pool size or low balling entry premiums or something else that could affect us adversely? Thank you.

    • Sometimes yes, sometimes no. There is a small company, Rated B+ by AM BEST, that is now looking to rescind the policies of clients when they go on claims. They are disputing the answers to health questions (for underwritten cases) and then trying to deny those claims, saying the people lied on their applications. They did not. So, this company is trying to avoid claims because it is a TINY company. This is not the only one.
      Do the big carriers do that? No, they cannot afford the negative press, I believe.
      So, if you ARE going with a smaller company, it is definitely in your best interest to go with an agent with experience with that company and all the rest in the market. Maybe someone with 10+ years experience writing nothing but Medicare cases across the country with thousands of test cases, to know what is happening in the market.
      If I can ever help, please call me at 1-800-729-9590.. Chris Westfall

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